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The Price of Freedom

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My son and I went to Washington, D. C. I had never seen the WWII memorial and did not get to share that with my husband to my deep regret. He was my hero and there are lots of heroes out there that pay the price for our freedom every day. God Bless them


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It is easy to over look me, being how I sit in the corner and say nothing most of the time.


@Rainrider, I am not sure how I missed your posting here, but thank you for what you said. I grew up loving this nation and had 3 older brothers in WWII, 1 in the Air Corps, as it was called then was shot down over Germany and was a POW, but he returned home, thankfully. Blessings, Mary


Thank you so much for posting this. I really appreciate it, and I'm sure that others do also.


As always it is great to see people that are prod of their home. To some it the USA, others Canada, and the list can go on. To all that love their nation, I say thank you. Not for being an American, Canadian, Russian, or what have you. Rather being true to yourself, and to HaShem. Nicepeach, I wish to thank you for this puzzle, as I have had family fight in every war this nation has ever faced. The price of freedom isn't lost with me, and is with me always.


Nice to hear from you Mary. My brother dad and several uncles were in WWII. I thank your husband and brothers for their service. Back then the men didn't have much of a choice. I am #5 of 6 children. 6 boys and 3 girls. My oldest brother was the only one old enough to be drafted. My youngest brother was in the Marines in between Korea and Vietnam. My hubby was in Korean Conflict. I just turned 80 in April and my hubby is 85. We have 6 children 2 of them were Marines and the youngest was in Desert Storm. I now have a grandson a Marine in Okinawa. I love to put little series on but the one I'm doing now of how the States were named has been the most interesting one. Pat


@pkin38, you are very welcome and and thank you for stopping by. And thank your brother. My husband died 5 years ago and he was 93 then. I had 3brothers in the service in WWII. 6 brothers in all, no sisters and I was the youngest, now I am the only..... I am so glad I was born when I was, next week, 85 but people acted so differently then. I love your puzzle, by the way, and I started looking at how the states were named, interesting. Mary


Thanks Mary for this beautiful puzzle .. MY brother turned 94 last month and is a veteran of WWII ..


Mary, Thank you for sharing this wonderful puzzle my cousin died in Vietnam Sunday Jan 1969 one day before leaving Vietnam Monday morning he would have been back in the united states he was only 20 years from Pelham Ga he was lead singer in a gospel quartet his mom and dad was also gospel singers he was their only child he mom was very hurt and angry God gave her a gospel song that has been recorded name of song is The last plea for me by Martha Glover from Pelham Ga


sorry Tenstar...


Happy Birthday Mary!
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Hello Dear Mary [[ Nicepeach2 ]] A Great Tribute To All The Brave Men & Women Who Sacrificed Their All For Your Great Country & My Great Country & For People In Other Countries. They Sure Are Hero's. May They Never Be Forgotten. Love & Best Wishes My Dear Friend Mary. Marlene, X X X X.

I wish my father was here so he could see this memorial for our HEROES. He taught me to be proud of our country. He was so proud to be a soldier of WWII. He lied about his age so that he could go and fight for our country and freedom for all. He was 16 and a half. God Bless all our HEROES from all wars past and present.


Thank you for doing my puzzle. I was very impressed with this when we saw it. It is a beautiful memorial for so much sacrifice. Mary


This is a beautiful reminder that freedom isn't free, Mary. Thank you for reminding us all............