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65ae300674abeff073206b225db6823a (Medium)

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I also post puzzles as PWH.
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  4. Best11540:10
  5. vfdl470:10
  6. mandy50:10
  7. NLH240:11
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Glad I struck a chord with so many of you.


EVERY prayer is answered. We often simply don't recognize that.

And God saying 'no' does not mean He is withholding His gifts; it must means that we are demanding things He knows are not good for us -- at least at that time. But the blessings keep on coming. The rain falls on on the land, not just the land of believers.


@PutterDutt, I love that, Unanswered Prayers, so true. Great to see you too.


Yes, PD. I love that song.


Garth Brooks had a monster hit with, "Sometimes God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers."


PW, so true! He does look out for our good. *U* Voronica~


But sometimes God has to say "No" because we don't need it or it wouldn't be good for us.

Something I like to think about before giving a hand, “Is this something they could/should do for themselves?” That doesn’t mean we can never give a gift to say “I care about you.” Always think about whether you’d be robbing someone of their dignity. Just some things to think about.


At least God doesn't set limits....




You said it well, Mary! Good to see you. :o)


We have become a world of "what can I get for free"


What would Jesus say?


Parson Wayne, it is so true. And this has become a country I do not recognize. Lots of takers. God help us.. off the soapbox. ?


This is true.

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