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Over two feet of snow on deck outside sliders
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Thanks Kathy, I really appreciate you taking the time to ask my questions. Hope you and your family are staying warm and healthy!

This looks like what we got in Maine. So beautiful, but so much work!


Hi adbartolo ~ I am in NE Connecticut. Blizzard Nemo arrived last Friday & we received an unusual amount of snow in 24 hours!! We shoveled most of the snow off the deck, just because it is soooo heavy of a load. Thankfully, no leaks. Many schools are still closed because with nowhere to put all the snow, roads are still too narrow for buses to travel safely. Thanks for your questions.

Wow, amazing! Where was this picture taken? And don't you ever worry about the glass breaking? What happens when it starts melting? Does it leak in? Apologies for the probably dumb questions, I was born, raised and still live in Southern California.

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