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  1. nfourni0:16
  2. laurajane0:18
  3. nela090:19
  4. kaz10:19
  5. blackberrymuffin0:20
  6. ukiepower0:21
  7. like921150:21
  8. stephen0:22
  9. lyndee0:22
  10. bjc10:23


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LOL! That's funny Healer! doubletrouble, what great memories for you! :)

I loved driving by this when I was a little girl visiting my grandma's house!


Why I believe it's the "Tall Four Rooted Archway Tree"!
More commonley know as the "Giraffe Tree", due to it's similarities to the animal. It thrives in warmer climits, and is quite spectacular when blooming after 20 years of age.
(not don't believe any of this.....I'm just kidding)


Thanks lyndee and snickerdoodle. I didn't have one either, Sis.


I don't have a caption, but this would make a great wedding arch! Thanks, Sis!


Good one snicker!

"They just HAD to put the sidewalk here!"


It's a bird, it's a plane, no its...........?

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