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Sophie - it's raining...

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... so I'm resting too - on the spare bed my mum thought she was going to make up...
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tisketsmum, as I was putting clean sheets on the bed this morning, the first thought that came to mind was imagining all the Jigidi kitties having the time of their lives ducking and diving under and over and having a ball. ♥♥


Do you like helping make up the bed Sophie? When mum and dad do theirs I grab the edge of the sheet and bunny kick it. Sometimes I'm still under the sheet when they start to tuck it in but they let me out so then I go and bunny kick the duvet covers. It's great fun :-))))
Love Tisket xx


That's the way, Sophie. Turn your back on the world to let everyone know you are not happy with this naughty rain. ☺☺


The bed making can wait Sophie, your comfort is more important ♥


Of course she does, how could she not?♥


Not really, Auntie Impie... I can rebel whatever the weather - ask my Mum... She still loves me, though....


Does the rain turn you into a rebel, Sophie? LOL

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