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Who Am I ?

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Search your past..
Please Hold off Naming her till tomorrow 8pm..

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Sorry you didn't stay on the leader board @oynot..
As a cancellation, I rarely make the leader board with that fast crowd that works your great puzzles. :-))


Tim, you and I both enjoy versions of "Freight Train" with The great Elizabeth Cotton high on the leader board. :-))


This one would puzzled me @iceng


Thank you for the memories iceng. "Freight Train" was one of my favorite songs when I was a kid in the 50's. I think the version I heard on the radio was by Rusty Draper and it wasn't until years later I learned it was written by Elizabeth Cotton when she was 13-19 years old.

"Elizabeth Cotten was a one-time nanny for folk singer Peggy Seeger, who took this song with her to England, where it became popular in folk music circles. British songwriters Paul James and Fred Williams subsequently misappropriated it as their own composition and copyrighted it. Under the advocacy of the influential Seeger family, the copyright was eventually restored to Elizabeth Cotten. Nevertheless, it remains mis-credited in many sources." *

"The song "Freight Train" influenced many young skiffle groups of the day, including The Quarrymen.... (later to be known as the Beatles). According to author Mark Lewisohn, in The Complete Beatles Chronicles (p. 362), the young Quarrymen-(Beatles) performed Freight Train live from 1957 till at least 1959, with John Lennon on lead vocal. No recorded version is known to survive." **

*excerpts from Wikipedia and
** The Paul McCartney Project

Thanks again for the pleasant memories :-)


Yes, Parson and oynot Elizabeth is one of the wonderful people that we hope to reincarnate soon :-))


She would only be 128 if she were alive today.


Really liked this one :-)


She is precious.. Thanks for that pointer Bjresh..
She sings a time honored song :-))


How precious, Idneverheard of this lady! born 1893!


As Kattcrazy divined earlier this is ~~ Elizabeth Cotton ~~

Who taught herself to play guitar by strumming with her left hand while her right hand selects the strings and against the frets :-))


Does a good rendition of "Freight Train" :-))

Brings back my college days and hootenannies.


I didn't get this one, pretty sure I know the other one. Thanks Alex.


Xtra for disappointed gamers..


Another "unsung hero" in the music world.


I don't know who she is.


Had no Idea but did look her up and watched her play.


@Kattcrazy Please don't speak unless and until you know the rules. Thank you!


Sorry, I do not know.


oops 🤐

Ms Elizabeth Cotton

The great Elizabeth Cotton, of course


Well John, she used to work (as a job) for Pete Seeger :-))


Alex is stumping us again I see 😊 lol


She does look sweet @ParsonWayne I don't know this musician, but, like @Bjresh I will be happy to learn who she is!


I wish I knew . . . I do know that I wish I had some of her music!


Me to


I do not know. She looks like a Gentle Lady, though.


I might be giving too much away but ........
She plays that guitar left handed :-))


Me too. I haven't the slightest idea.


cant wait for you to tell us!!!


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