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Snorkelling trip to Moore Reef - Cairns

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Chris and I recently went up north to Cairns to do two or three reef snorkelling trips to the Great Barrier Reef - but the weather was windy & showery - so we only managed one trip. But what a trip - I've never seen so many people seasick and puking!!

We tied up to a permanent pontoon at Moore Reef and the water was terrific - but we got slapped around the face by the chop a bit too much!!
There were stacks of Chinese tourists on the trip - not much into swimming - but they LOVED the heli-flights over the reef and the semi-submersible boat.........and then there was the rough trip home after lunch...........
Needless to say, I'm pleased that I don't get seasick!!!!
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Glad to see you Dave, welcome back :)


Hi Dave - it's really nice to see you too:))) Your trip sounds wonderful - and I'm hoping you got some neat photos:))))) Thanks:))))

The feeling's mutual Shirley and Nev:))))


Yes, welcome back, Dave.


Hi Dave, glad to know you were out and about having fun mate, missed you, will be waiting for some snaps.


Glad to hear and see you did get out in the water some, though. I just got back a couple days ago from the Yucatan Peninsula. Weather was excellent and the Belize reefs were amazing as was Chitzen Itza and the Mayan ruins. Nice to see you Robyn.


Thanks Jana:)))

Thanks Kirsten:))))

And it's nice to see you back too Suzie - thanks :))))))


You have had yourself some needed "Rob" time! Sounds like it was needed and enjoyed. SO very nice to have you back! ♥


Good on you, Rob! I admire your disciple and strength! LOL And it sounds like you've been wonderfully productive too. (❛ᴗ❛)


Great collage Rob ☻ thanks and hugs ♥♥♥


Hi Kirsten - it's good to be back:))) I just felt like having a break from so much screen time - I read lots, gardened and did some Xmas calendars and a big bird poster with my son:))) My B'day slipped by nice and quietly - one of those odd-numbered boring ones:)))) LOL!! It's good to be back though - thanks :)))))

Sorry about the graphic description Florrie:)))) I was just thankful that I was OK:))))) Thanks :))))

Thanks smllpkg - we did enjoy the water and fishies:)))))


Good to see you back! Sounds like it was a good time, despite the weather.


I'm glad you still managed to derive some enjoyment from the trip Rob. I wouldn't have....!


Hey Rob! How fantastic to see you again! We missed you. I hope life is treating you well, and that you had a great birthday last week. Take care. (❛ᴗ❛)


Ah! Lucky you Janet:)))) Chris got queasy, but I was fine:)))) Thanks :))))


Hi Rob, I've been out to Green Island three times and no problems at all, but I have been sea sick, so I know how awful it can be. This is a fabulous collage, thanks and hugs ♥


That's the risk you take I guess Shirley:)))) It was still great to have a swim and snorkel though!!! The water was terrific! Our last trip to Green Island - way back around 1980 - was a rough trip home too, and it was in an old single hull timber boat!! This time we were in a comfy big catamaran - so it didn't worry me:))) Thanks :)))

Ha-ha Nev:))) You should give the big Cats a try - they're great and not nearly as rough:)))) We were on the old Miramar - and it WAS rough!! Thanks :)))

It sure can get humid in Cairns Lunie - we lived south of there at Townsville for 15 years back in the 70's & 80's - so got used to it!! I think most of the 'flying cars' have disappeared now:)))) Thanks :))))

Thanks BK - I'd LOVE to go back to the Solomon Islands one day soon - that was heaven for snorkelling:))))) Thanks :))


Real sorry to hear your experience wasn't the best. Perhaps another trip you will know what to avoid because I'm sure the snorkeling would be fantastic there. Glad you and Chris weren't sick to :-(((((




From your description, it sounds like it was not a very enjoyable trip or snorkeling experience, because of the rough weather. If it was me out there, I think I would stick with the Chinese....that would suit me better than swimming....LOL Thank you for the great photos, Rob :)


That famous Barrier Reef made us visit Cairns 2002, but then the excessive heat pulled me back home. Cairns by climate could be hotter than our Phils. but i love the place. Lots of old cars used as displays in many establishes...i called them "flying cars" because they were on the roof...tfs Rob!


A nice collage, Rob. We were in Cairns in '87, and did Shirley's Green Island trip. The sea was really rough and nearly everyone was sick, including Marge, Brad & Michelle. Once we got to Green Island we basically did nothing, but sit in the shade and try and recover. Then we had the same thing all the way back again. I was very close to being sick, and was just pleased it was all over.
I've never been back on a boat since, and never intend to get back on one either. ♥♥♥


How dare the weather spoil your lovely trip, I'm glad you don't get seasick Rob, I could think of nothing worse, I don't either (get seasick that is) we went from Cairns out to Green Island, although it was a clam day.

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