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Go on with the allegory: let's run to the "gnomes" - sweet, innocent beings without the need of everything that we seem to have. Ann, this is a fine philosophy, go on: you are on the way to the Goddess and then.......!! Oh my, it could end up with a book!! We didn't know that this was an allegory of people's lives! Thanks so very much!!


"This monster is any monster you can meet in the big, wild forests" of our world & our lives. Good allegory of the things we must face in our lives. The world is filled with 'monsters' & we must run from them (temptations) every day lest they get us & pull us down.................


But if they didn't there was no reason for them travelling at all!! As I wrote before, this monster is any monster you can meet in the big, wild forests, so you've better take care!! Thanks so very much Dagmar!!


It seems that after defeating the horrible sorcerer there are still some very dangeous creaturs around and that their walk up the mountains to meet the godess is more dangerous than it looked in the first place. It was good luck they were travelling with the unicorn :))

Thanks for this lovely story Hanne. :))


Thanks so very much Mimi!! I'm so pleased you think so!!


This story has a beautiful setting and lots of drama! Very good!

Chickiemama, my daughter lives in Carbondale and we have been to Giant City State park several times. Beautiful place. My grandchildren scamper around but the trails are getting a bit too steep for me. Funny how the trails change as I get older.


I think I'll show the rest of the canyon some day, it is indeed spectacular!! And you are right, it's good that they can run. The unicorn is - if you might say so - unique!! Thanks so very much Jan!


Hanne, I admit to being distracted by this beautiful path through the very narrow canyon. So gorgeous!

I am glad those little fellows can run so fast! and thank goodness for the unicorn!!!


Many things, whatnauts!! Thanks so very much!!


Oh my, what will happen now. Stayed tuned for the next installment.... LOL
Thanks Hanne and Bent :)


Yes aren't you?!! He is a monster neither more or less and behaves like that!! Isn't that decent seen from the monster's view? No, there's no cave there just the path they followed!! Thanks so very much Robbie!!


Looks like they may be running into an underground cave Hanne. Glad to hear that monster is decent, I await with great anticipation, thanks to you and Bent.


It's an absolutely serious and decent monster, Lela!! He plays his part very well!! Thanks so very much!!


ooh! The monster looks like 'Der Gollum'......with a Max Ernst bird-head!.....


Funny, isn't it, Sandy?!! This is in Smaland in Sweden, a very spectacular canyon!! Thanks so very much!!

Oh, Zombie_Queen, don't worry!! Thanks so very much!!



Hanne, that scene reminds me of the Giant City State Park here in southern Illinois. The trails going through the rock crevices look just like that. Thanks Hanne. Run golden people!!!


You never know whom you will meet in the wood, SO many "people" live there. But as long as the unicorn is between the monster and the golden guys they are protected and they are able to run back the track where they may try to find other paths. Sorry for your morning - hope this helps a great deal!! Have a good Sunday Ardy!!


I thought the monster was zapped. But there's another one? Doesn't look there is anyplace for them to go. Hanne, what are you doing with these three brave Golden People? Will the unicorn protect them? Too many questions for so early in my morning.

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