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Turkey March in Front Yard

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  1. rrfan4:55
  2. ababi7:03
  3. PhyllisJB8:30
  4. neusa9:10
  5. richmw10:37
  6. wasicu12:03
  7. aldenjay12:34
  8. skholloway12:45
  9. Anhinga14:15
  10. EW1216:19


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generic_bear 2 - I had to laugh at "Turkey Trot"! I normally have 12 turkeys that come together several times a day (once they start coming again). There is 4 lane highway (not a busy or divided one) that least once a day Big Tom will take them across it (to mooch around the dumpsters at 2 fast food places across it). He goes out 1/2way across it and then calls them and they cross in single file while he watches them cross - same routine when they come back across. If one gets out of line - he tells them in loud ''Turkey Talk and they do listen. It is so funny to watch! And to see the cars stopped for them - it is a 4 lane US Highway but the speed limit heading into town is 35 mph so can stop for them.
Cayenne pepper is a great pest animal deterrent that will not hard the habitat. I just hadn't put it out yet as didn't expect the deer yet. Since I put it out they haven't bothered the Mums. It's good to keep neighbors cats from digging in your plant beds and keeping squirrels from planting peanuts in your containers (yes, they will bury/plant them and they will sprout.). I live within 200 ft. of a river so I am very careful of what I use.

Don't you mean "Turkey Trot?" Wasicu, we use blood meal with cyanine, sold a mole repellent. The deer hate it!!

Nice green grass.
'My' Turkeys haven't come back yet for Autumn/Winter but they should be soon. The deer have come down out of the Hills a bit early and ate a bunch of the 'Mums flowers before I had putout the Cayanene pepper on them because I wasn't expecting them back yet - but then we're in a severe drought so forage is not abundant.

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