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The 4 Little ones: a Sad update

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Well, I've waited to post this for several days hoping against hope. I checked on these 4 (Peekaboo, Street, Not Me & Never Me) Sunday evening about 6:30 or 7PM and they were cuddled up in pairs in 2 yard chairs, healthy and happy.
The next morning, Monday, I went out to feed them and the older litter and saw only the 4 bigger kids. My heart sank! I called, checked the yard, garage, alley, there are no storm drains or the like. There was noting amiss in the yard, no tracks, no disturbances, everything was perfect except these 4 little guys were gone! Vanished! AND I've checked the Animal Control website and called to see if maybe they were turned in. Nope!
I've looked, hoped, wished, prayed top no avail and Mama G and I both are just heartbroken and are having to admit that they won't come back. We all hope that mom came back and relocated them somewhere else, or that someone lovingly adopted them rather than fearing the worst.
Meanwhile ... the yard is empty and the big kids miss them too, they don't even want to play with the toy. Somehow it was more fun I guess dodging the little guys.
I'll keep you posted, but for now it does not look good.
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Prairiewind, thanks for the tip. I'm sure it will come in handy.
Thanks, Nancy!


I'll second that, @Remysmom. Some folks just have no humanity.

Thank you all for your wonderful comments and support. I needed it.

Kitty Counselor, hope you find a ladder tall enough to help you off your pedestal.


Yes, so sorry. Am praying they are ok.

So sorry that happened. Pray for the best for them.


Sorry to hear that they're gone, but as you said, there are some good possibilities for them. Let us hope.

Oh, Betty!! I followed the link you provided in anticipation of a nice photo and pleasant puzzle of this quartet. I found both, but accompanied by your upsetting news. It's been several days and still just a big sad mystery. It's hard to hope, but I am hoping that everything turns out well.

They are precious. I’m saying a prayer for their safety and happy homes.


When we had a new kitten who sneaked down in the basement I got a live trap with kitten food which of course she could eat without setting it off until a friend recommended magnets on the trip plate, put them on one by one unntil it springs, then remove one and reset. It worked. Her 5 ounces set it off and we were able to bring her upstairs again.

KittyCounselor, I understand. Please understand that this is the first season I've seen either mother. The older litter was almost 8 weeks old before I saw them. Both mothers has their litters before we could get them to have them spayed. It is not that I and my friend have not been trying. The little ones that are missing were too small to spring a humane trap.
I agree it is very sad, and my friend Mama G does animal rescue and does it very well. Every one she rescues gets fixed, gets short and has a great home, who loves and cares for them. The older litter will get rehomed by her soon as will their mother. Sorry to dissappoint you so badly.


I'm confused. I did cat rescue in TX for many years. I don't understand why two litters of kittens are left outside, vulnerable to all kinds of danger. And why aren't the mothers caught and sterilized so there are no more litters? This is very sad.


The mother must have taken them somewhere else; I can't imagine them just wandering off on their own from a home where they were quite happy.

Thank you & your friend, Impie. And like you I don't know what else to say. I go to the door and peek out hoping against hope to see those wonderful little faces.


I've said it al in my mail to you, Betty, but I just told it to my best friend on the phone and she asked me to tell you she's so sorry and hopes they'll turn up all in good health! She also mentioned getting shivers down her spine thinking about those sweeties all vanished!
Hang in there!♥♥

Thanks, Anne. I am just beside myself. Nothing makes any sense!!!!


AW....Betty you must be horrified and puzzled and so sad. Blessings for you all!

Be mu guest, there are times it is absolutely the best word! ☺☺☺


I'm stealing it! :-)

I am right there with you, Nancy, and naive is fine with me. Bumfuzzled is an old Texas term I guess, I've heard it all my life.


That sounds very mysterious. Really hope they're still alive somewhere..... as naive as that may be.
P.S. Love your term "bumfuzzled"!

Thanks, Nancy. When you consider they could sneak in the side garage door, and even I could not handle them most of the time I'm just at a loss of how someone could come up at night, find and catch all 4, or some animal ( fox and owl have both been suggested along with bad dogs) and nothing out of place. I'm just bumfuzzled!


Oh Betty, that's heartbreaking! :-(( I'm so sorry....and sad for those cuties....and you, Mama G.... and the older litter missing them. ♥♥
Does is seem odd that all four would disappear together?

Yep, I just cannot see any feasible way something on 2 or 4 feet could have pulled it off. Nothing makes any sense. Thanks, Ella


That's so sad to hear Betty. :-(

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