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From an early age he loved the sharp, reedy timbre of the saxophone;
his favourite was the tenor instrument,
but it was too big for him.
He would pass by music shops with his family
and beg for one – for his birthday or Christmas;
finally one year he opened a large package
and there it was ensconced in a beautiful leather case
with red velvet lining.

For years his free time was spent learning the ‘feel’ of the saxophone
and how to create the various moods of the instrument:
mellow, raucous, brassy, smoky, smooth, or spirited;
also how to read music,
and better yet, how to create his own harmonious melodies.
Endless hours of practice, moments filled with ‘squeaks’ and ‘wails’,
rather than running around outside playing with friends.
His joy was playing his ‘best friend’, his tenor saxophone.

He carried within his soul big dreams of becoming a true performer;
but too many auditions and disappointments,
where ‘Thanks, we’ll call you’ became an empty echo,
as they never did.
What was he doing wrong?
His repertoire contained smooth or instrumental jazz, romantic or contemporary styles
with well-known tunes.

The musician had taken refuge on a bench in the park after the last fiasco –
his heart hurt,
he was devastated,
perhaps he just wasn’t good enough.
Ambition hit the road without a backwards glance.
But then a faint whisper touched his soul –
be yourself,
let the love of the saxophone speak for you,
play in your own style –
your touch,
your emotion,
your music
and make the sax sing your song.

Suddenly the young saxophonist felt relief wash over him;
tension evaporated like the mist on a foggy morning,
so he inhaled deeply and sighed.
Gentle hands held the tenor sax to his waiting lips,
and then he felt his limber fingers flow rhythmically over the keys,
telling a story in a song he had composed.

Moments passed, notes riding on a faint breeze;
the young saxophonist, so entranced in his music,
became oblivious to his surroundings.
Once the last note left his instrument,
he gazed at his sax lovingly.

Suddenly applause heralded an audience nearby.

The saxophonist slowly raised his face
and glanced at the crowd standing there;
a shy smile formed on his lips –
his heart swelled
when he heard the thunderous clapping,
but more importantly, one single word – BRAVO!

Created by Birgit73
Image copyright: BV Jensen
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  1. dondonbee14:48
  2. toneb15:09
  3. tadrcd16:31
  4. Bizzybee17:42
  5. Saxman118:18
  6. terjen19:40
  7. tricep19:41
  8. childlikehope20:23
  9. dragonfly10124:35
  10. Suleigh25:16


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Thanks, June. Glad you enjoyed the latest endeavour. 😁

Loved them both! Thank you Birgit for a brillant poem, as usual, and to you Ken a fantastic picture to go with it.


@dragonfly101 - Thanks for commenting. Glad you liked the puzzle & hope you enjoyed the accompanying free style poem, too. 😊

Beautiful image ~ thank you :)


Me too!!!😂🤣😂
But seriously. . . ✨BRAVO!✨


@Coppelia7 - Thanks, Sophia! Perfect comment...I'm chuckling here.




Birgit! I love the tale you wrote from the heart. Something to learn..Let go of what we hear, and/or tell ourselves and follow our hearts!
So eloquently done just like "Alone at Sunset With the Ivory Rose" Knowing when to move on, but not to destroy what we have!

Ken! Both picture post you've done, work so well. You wear either that jacket or hat so well. A team to enjoy! It's marked!


Thanks, Ken. This is a free style poem written to tell a story. Hope you all enjoy it.


Well all, Birgit has done it again. This is so very good. Please enjoy as much as I did in posting this puzzle/poem.

@Magaella @Droelfzehn @bjondron
@dhi @Birgit73 @Donnajames @minipooh4u
@jandchris @IssyCoston @christineEgbert
@Isaly2 @JillianB @pasta @Denyce @mariolyn
@Kyrin @Berkeleyborn @Coppelia7

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