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Pieris Lily of the valley trees

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Thank you Eva☺♥


Beautiful shrub ☺♥


Maureen I love the Pieris but have to cut them back each year as they grow over the path. Hugs ♥♥♥

Deanna I am glad you enjoyed these ones, thank you for your kind wishes, I wish the same for you☺♥

Ardy when they flower in the spring they are little waxy white flowers like the Lily of the Valley very pretty, but love the new foliage which comes through pink or scarlet on the different trees hugs♥♥

Pieris Japonica is the pinky ones proper name they are about 25 years old Wendy☺♥

Janet welcome and thank you Hugs♥♥


SO pretty thanks Val, with hugs to you. ♥♥


I have never seen a Lily of the Valley like this. Is it a new kind? It sure is beautiful...............Wendy


New one to me, Val. From what I can see of these flowers they don't look like the Lily of the Valley in my yard. But it's very pretty. Thanks. ♥


Val, I'm so glad to see your photos. Your last photo from the past set was so sad. I'm happy with your present photos, they are beautiful, thank you and I wish you pleasant days and a lot of joy :))


Stunning! Love tress ! Don’t understand my neighbours always wanting to cut my one large tree down. Because it messes ,for about 2-3 weeks per year.
Maddening ! Thanks Val. Hugs❤️❤️❤️


Welcome Jacki and Lunie The pink is new leaves, the flowers are white just like lily of the Valley we have 5 different types of this shrub along this fence, some of them the leaf tips are scarlet☺♥


The flowers could be so tiny Val!


Not only pretty, also interesting. Thanks, Val

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