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Unknown caterpillar

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Thanks for sharing. Here is your html-code:

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Any idea? I found it in my garden last week.
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  1. roseh1:23
  2. diannez1:37
  3. Ianto1:42
  4. NewSong1:59
  5. Pekaji2:15
  6. Kerwin2:17
  7. janaoli2:20
  8. MarinaNephele2:30
  9. beyondwords2:32
  10. Longbow12:36


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I didn't realize Marina had already identified this mysterious caterpillar. I've been looking for it on various websites for some time, and finally found it here on page 181:
. Came back to tell you, and you already know. Good photo, good ID!


You are welcome Roseh. It is considered quite rare, there are some of these species in the USA. It is a moth really called Funerary Dagger Moth (Acronicta funeralis, family Noctuidae. A friend of mine from Ohio was telling me about it a few yrs ago. Here is the link :


It did make me think of a canoe with the paddles raised. Thanks Marina for your help.


It is called paddled caterpillar. Thanks for the puzzle.

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