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Key to my heart!

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  1. frodo48au4:01
  2. dotshell4:01
  3. kkdecker19834:19
  4. jbugs4:23
  5. roseh4:30
  6. poordella4:39
  7. Ellen14:48
  8. mccauleyangela4:54
  9. Oma75:06
  10. GrandmaJo5:09


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Ha ha ha - like that play on names Dotty


@Trish237 What a wonderful idea! I am frankly just too lazy to be creative on the computer. I much prefer my creativity to be in my photographs but honestly those don't often work as well as puzzles. I look forward to seeing your experiments! You could call them Pegieos, instead of kaleidos!


Trish, I would be thrilled for you to use my puzzles in you creations. I have no problem in sharing.I'm not like some who get very offended if you use their stuff. I understand how they feel, but having someone take your images and go a step further with them is exciting. Keeps your art alive!
Sun is shining and most of the snow is melted. But anew and big storm is on its way for the weekend. Was 13 degrees F last night. A bit colder than I like it.
Hugs back. Have a delightful weekend. Hugs.


Hi again Grandmapegs - what good news, that the infection that set you back a bit has cleared up. Just don't you go catching that Covid! I'm happy your feeling so much better.

I decided to check out those colouring in puzzles Dotty posts - mmmm, not such a good idea. Not because they're not fun, quite the opposite, in fact they're such a great challenge and entertaining I spend too much time on them! So I decided to post some as Jigidi puzzles to show Dotty what I've completed. And also for a change from kaleidos. And on that subject ... I adore your puzzles, especially those magnificent frames you create. So I dabbled a bit with a couple of your puzzles and put matching coloured kaleidos in the frames. They look great - but I need to check with you if you'd like me to post them and give you a mention. I'll try and send one as a private puzzle - let me know if you get it. Private puzzles I send are a bit hit and miss - actually more "miss" ... they don't reach the recipient for some unknown reason.

Hi to Bud ☺️ He is definitely is one in a million, you are so blessed to have found the love of your life at such a young age. Enjoy your Thursday over your side of the world! Hugs to you!


Trish, I have missed our chats. I am home and doing well. The bacteria infection was about the sickest I have been in my entire life. So glad it is behind me and I am doing well once more. Has me appreciate the good days all the more.
I want to take some time and look at your recent puzzle creations. So glad you are venturing into several ways to create Jigidi puzzles. I like having the Jewels and the fruit crate labels, keeps me from getting bored with one or the other.
Bud is doing great. Our oldest grand daughter and her two year old grandson are living with us and she is a wonderful help. Brings us so much joy to have her with us. She drove three hours to spend a few days with her sister in Utah and will be home tomorrow. Have missed her,but a few days quiet has been nice.
Bud and I as a team are still great and treasure the good days. These past few weeks have given us into some insight into what is coming and we talk a lot about what to expect. It is just such a different situation to find myself kn. I have always been so strong and independent --- and healthy. Life changes can be hard, yet every day is still good and there is something amazing to find in it.

Hope to chat with you more now that I am feeling better. Hugs, my sweet friend.


Well @grandmapegs seeing your comment made my day! Put a huge smile on my face. I know Dotty will also be happy today seeing your comment. Dotty mentioned her hobby of colouring in using that app so I tried it - and it's a nice time waster! I'm having lots of fun choosing pictures to colour. My favs are always heart puzzles.

Here in NZ we are coming to the end of summer - trees are beginning to change colour so it's time to order my winter wood supply. Yesterday it was one of the hottest days, about 32 degrees, in fact too hot and I had to sit indoors with an electric fan blowing cool air on me! Took Chip for a walk not realising quite how hot it was out there - not a good idea for either of us! Whew.

I think of you a lot, especially when I open Jigidi and see a comment someone has made on a past puzzle of yours. I wonder not only how you are managing - but also how your wonderful Bud and your family are also managing your situation. Tough times emotionally.

I am so glad you messaged me on Jigidi and love the stories we've shared over the years, I do miss you. ❤️


Good morning Trish, from my world to yours! Snow is melting fast this week. Lots of sunshine, then deep dark clouds. Love looking out my window at all the changes. Lots of baby calves in the fields, running, romping and frolicking. Love your beautiful heart!


Thanks Dotty - I'm surprised when I start a colouring page - this one was a treat as the shading and highlights turned up automatically. Loved that!
89lcscni - pleased you enjoyed this puzzle ☺️


Really pretty image. I think I colored this one but then ran out of February and stopped posting hearts. Thanks for posting! Dotty

Truly Happy Colors. Fun to fix.

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