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They Sleep on Their Backs

Again, these cats are very human like in the way that they sit and relax. Most cats will curl up into a ball when they want to go to sleep. When the Scottish Fold wants to go to sleep, it will lie on its back. Much like a human, it prefers the comforts of back sleeping, and it will do this most of the time. It’s actually fairly uncommon to see the Scottish Fold sleep like other cat breeds. It’s another great party trick your guests will at first be a bit freaked out by.
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  1. Honi541:52
  2. limpduck2:00
  3. Hatiwu2:10
  4. jbow2:16
  5. hadzi2:19
  6. CrazyCAT542:24
  7. thebetterhalf2:33
  8. LHutch2:37
  9. jbugs2:43
  10. Rackles2:49


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You earned it K!

Thank you so much, Bernadette!

Well done dfwkrw for your winning caption.


Congrats go out to dfwkrw for the winning caption, one more award for your mantle!
Thanks to all the others players for participating...Bernadette

What a little sweetie - her back is killing her, and she just has to lie down. She has also eaten too much Turkey! lol


Gingerbread kitty

thanks, B


I love your caption K...really good!


That sounds delicious Pat! I think my favorite part of the traditional turkey dinner is the stuffing...I can never get enough of that and also the pumpkin pie...Bernadette

Dog's coming! I better play dead!


You're so right, we just had supper and it was big turkey sandwiches with little sides of stuffing, jello, cranberries and olives. And a thin slice of pumpkin pie for dessert (with Redi-Wip).

My daughter and I did all the cooking yesterday and we were like a well oiled machine, easy teamwork without many words needed. It was a pleasure. ☺ ☺ ☺


WOW, That all sounds wonderful and delicious! What a lot of work it is to prepare and serve all that bounty and I'm sure you enjoyed every minute of being with your family...enjoy the rest of your weekend and have the tums on hand!
I've always found the leftovers taste even better than the first time around, so enjoy everything once more the second and third time around! Thanks for describing everything so well, I can almost taste and smell the flavors and aromas...Bernadette


Bernadette, we're having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend here at my house in Tennessee. My daughter's taking a well deserved nap right now so I'm online. For yesterday's feast of Thanksgiving we made a full scale American Thanksgiving dinner. We had turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes (some with butter, some with gravy), creamed corn, corn casserole, candied carrots, cranberry sauce, strawberry jello, black olives and dinner rolls. And pumpkin pie with whipped cream for dessert. I had my dessert later, though, because I couldn't eat another bite! My other daughter served all that plus a ham and sweet potato casserole at her house in Virginia.

Now it's time for leftovers, turkey sandwiches, snacks and I'm hoping my daughter will make her delicious turkey pot pies tomorrow. There are small apple cobblers in the fridge which she brought from home, and two days ago I made a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. We never even thought about eating any of that yesterday! Much celebrating is still to come, and tomorrow we're going to put up my Christmas tree and decorate the house with Christmas lights!

I played hard all day now the best is NAP TIME


He looks like a little soft toy kitty!


Toooo cute



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