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How many animals can you see ?

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I like puzzles ... to see all the animals you obviously have to complete the puzzles (although to tell the truth, some I saw after seeing the resolution) ... I didn't expect them.
Thank you


This is lovely ! I loved most of all the dolphin . Thanks !!


Well done Opensider. You are the nearest ! There are 16 to be found. Here is a link to see the answer. (Scroll down the page a bit to see it.)

Here are the animalsI see. I have added a few.
1 Elephant 2 Donkey 3 Dog 4 Cat 5 Mouse 6 Shark 7 Goldfish 8 Turtle 9 Beaver 10 Croc 11 snake 12 fish 13 shrimp 14 fish 15 insect


It is more than 11


I missed the mouse, but saw the snake (tail). Still trying to figure out what the thing is above the donkey's butt. Some kind of bug?


This is what I've found so far: eye-fish, ear-turtle, trunk-shark, tail-snake, donkey, dog, cat, mouse, and of course the elephant. I can't figure out anything else. Please let me know how close I've come. Thanks for posting - it was a fun puzzle, and I made the leaderboard for a few minutes.


Rob is nearest so far


I think I've got 9, but there are a couple of wiggles that I can't figure out.


5 animals


Try again Rob

Thanks RosieAnn.
I am going to say 11.

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