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Random Thought:

One of life's greatest mysteries is how the boy who wasn't good enough to marry your daughter can be the father of the smartest grandchild in the world. Jewish Proverb

Good move.


I am addicted to SWEETS. That's why I married my wife.


Good for you, Watchman and John. Great achievement!

$40.00 for one pack??????? Ye gods!


Heh heh :( Here in Australia,it's over $40 for a packet of 20's but they last me about three weeks so I reckon I'm doing ok Koff Splutter wheeze ;)


I use to buy raw tobacco leaves, deveined them and shredded it up and made my own blend of tobacco, and then used cigarette tubes and rolled my own. It was far cheaper and had fewer chemicals than the store brand cigarettes. With what I saved in not smoking I am paying off a short term note on a used vehicle. My old car is having computer issues, again. We needed to have a vehicle to return back home for any kind of family emergency. After that is paid off, there more items on my dream list. LOL.. ;-))

That she would do.


I figure I save @$2,600 a year, but have nothing to show for it ... my wife keeps finding "sales"

::: rolling eyes, while groaning :::

Depending on where you live it can be $10 US a pack of more.


:o) ... all the damage done by smoking will reverse itself, for the most part. I quit because they just got to expensive. when I started they were 35¢ a pack, 3 for $1 & a carton was $2.95 ... when I quit, they were $6 a pack


Sugar is a bad habit for many. congratz to you as well. ;-)

Good for you. I also have a soda problem.


congratz Maria :o)

it'll be 10 years for me September 26th :o)

I don't even think about smoking now. I have friends that smoke, doesn't bother me one bit, with no urge to have one myself ... but I have to talk myself out of buying a soda every time I go into a store for anything.

it is much harder to quit soda then it is to stop smoking.


Thanks, I am happy and very thankful. ;-)

Yay on the stopping smoking.


Come this Saturday, I will be dancing a little jig and giving Thanks to the Almighty, I quit smoking a year ago. I believe my sugar habit will be a challenge I like candy. ;-))


that is me too


I am not a soda drinker, I do have a bad sweet tooth. My next battle of a habit to break. ;-)


I stopped drinking soda, & started snacking on fruit ;o)


What is your secret? Are you putting in in your jam jars? ;-))


Awwwwww, no more love handles, john???


I've been losing minutes since Valentine's Day ... I can afford to lose a few more ;o)


Mow days it is for both genders. LOL ;-))


I semi resemble a pear.


I suppose this puzzle for women only. My body shape is more like a beaker from chemistry class (a cylindrical container with a flat bottom).... and my "beaker" is filled with recycled sand from the cat's litter box


Good one, Maria!


I can't blame my extra minutes on C19 & 2020, I have been sitting too much with sewing. Fall is soon upon us and I have a lot of yard work to do, I hope to lose a few extra minutes before wintertime. LOL ;-))

That can be me.


This is great. Thanks for the laugh


Great way to look at it, Watchman!


LOL me too! :)) :))


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