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Lots of colour...and a bee.

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Why are you reporting this puzzle? the Queen's Park Garden display Toowoomba.
The Carnival of Flowers is on for the next week and we went on Sunday.

Toowoomba is 125km west of Brisbane ( 1.5 hours drive time) on the edge of the Great Dividing Range and has a cooler climate.
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Daisies or mesembs I sure will know what you are talking about, Rob :)


LOL!! I think I'll just shorten it to Daisies Barb:)))) But thanks for the alphabet:))))) Yes - I could manage mesemb.....but remembering it is another thing:)))))


Rob, that tongue breaking name of Mesembryanthemum plant people shorten to very easy name of mesemb. Even you can say it....LOL And again, I just can not grow them but I do know their name....LOL


LOL!! Now you can see what I meant by an alphabet of letters Barb:)))) They didn't put a common name on the name tag:))) I'm glad we got that sorted!!!! LOL!! Thanks ikook and Barb:)))


Oh boy.......LOL, I don't know enough about the Livingstone daisy to confirm.....LOL
And you are probably right! The name Dorotheanthus bellidiformis is new to me and now I see why, because it IS new and changed from Mesembryanthemum which I am familiar with.....LOL But summing this up, I am not familiar with those plants, and can not grow them. Thank you ikook fot this clarification :)


LOL Barb, sorry I confused you, I really didn't mean living stones (the flowers resemble just a little bit, the plant not at all) I really meant Livingstone, as in "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?" (but a different Livingstone, I presume LOL).
I'm pretty sure it is this one, maybe you can confirm?


Ikook and Rob, I don't know what these flowers are but they are not living stones. If you want to see living stones here is a Wikipedia page:


Thanks for ID'ing them ikook:))) the name tag was an alphabet of letters that meant nothing to me:))))

Lunie - ikook made the ID - Livingstone daisies - and the colours were really fresh and pretty!! Thanks!

Thanks Ginger:)))

Sorry - I have no idea Florrie - we just went for the day visit, so have no idea!! Thanks!!

Yes Suzy - and it was very aptly named! Thanks :))

It sure was smllpkg - and there were lots of 'seas' of colour :))) Thanks!!

It was beautiful Dave - with lots and lots of bees - but no butterflies:((( Thanks!

LOL!!! Why did I know you'd say that Lyndee:)))) Thanks ! LOL!!

Thanks again ikook:)))


Are they Livingstone daisies? If so, they are called Ice flower in Dutch, because they seem frosted over. Beautiful collage, I like the way you can see the pretty flowers and their buds.


Love the flowers, hate the bee!!! :)


What a great assortment of colors!! All those bees and no butterflies?


A colorful sea of blooms.


A fine name for gardens....a Carnival of Flowers! Wonderful!


Gorgeous flowers. Thanks Robryan. :O))


what flowers are these rob? the leaves are different from a daisy but the flowers are similar. the colors are just lovely! thanks.


No, we missed that Shirley - although I don't think they are at their best yet! We went to Queen's Park Gardens for the display, the Japanese Gardens and Picnic Point Lookout and after all that walking , we were pooped!!! Thanks!!


Beautiful, Rob, did you get to see the Jacaranda lined street?


Thanks Floyd and Barb - this bed was particularly colourful and had lots of bees too :)))


Oh my, three wonderful photos and so colorful. I would love to be there to see this Carnival of are lucky, Rob :) Thank you for the photos, they are the second best since I can not see them in person....LOL


Nice to see these flowers and the bee adds to the picture.
Enjoy the Carnival.
Thanks Rob.


Thanks Nev:))))

LOL!! We stayed away from the parade on Saturday Beekay - thought the crowds would be just too large!!! It sure is a sight though!! Thanks!!

Thanks Cathy - bees were everywhere too!!


Gorgeous flowers!!!! Thanks Rob.
The bee is nice too. : )


With a title like " Carnival of Flowers" how could you not go!! Lovely, colorful flowers. Love them!!


Another fine collage, Rob. More "awesomeness" here.


LOL!! If you hurry you'll make it Laura - it lasts until this weekend:)))) Thanks!!

That's for sure jacki - and there were LOTS of bees too!! Thanks!!

We just made a quick decision Janet - and we had a really good day! It's definitely worth the drive - and the displays were wonderful!! Thanks!

Thanks Patti - thousands of flowers:))




Lucky Rob. I have always wanted to go and we actually thought this might be the year ......... and then I hurt my leg! I shall just have to enjoy your pics and maybe next year..................
Thanks and hugs, janet


can't have lots of color without bees.


Wait for me...I am coming over.

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