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Volcano in New Zealand with snow on top
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  1. hiccups3:16
  2. moolycow3:21
  3. diannez3:37
  4. mari213:38
  5. Peter494:10
  6. Robwout5:14
  7. garrymcrane5:57
  8. mugglemom6:21
  9. LynneAnn6:57
  10. kmkjmomma7:35


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Peter, I saw a TV programme some years ago, I think called “Over New Zealand” or “New zealand from the Air”. Something like that anyway. I hadn’t realised that the scenery in the centre of the North Island was so fascinating! I always believed that it was the South Island that had all the best scenery because that is what people photograph most. I have only been to Wellington many years ago, but have learned a lot from Jigidi, Pinterest etc. Maree.

Rob - I was also flying North (Chch - Ak) - my photo from NE of the peak (looking SW).
Yours was more or less due East of the plane so looking West and a little more South than I.

The Auckland South flight paths are generally - go South, stay on the coast side of Taranaki, come back on the land side of it!


Hello Peter. Beautiful photo. Can't tell which direction it was taken from but I'm guessing it's to the east of Taranaki. Possibly on a flight from Wellington to Auckland? I managed to take a photo on a flight from Auckland to Wellington a few years ago. I created a puzzle of it and published it on the 20th. December 2021. Cheers - Rob.

Looks much bigger in real life.
It is a NZ - North Island, West Cape, volcano. Not really dormant but has been quiet for a while - few decades?

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