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August is a Special Month (Aug19P02)

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"The sun, the sand, the laughs,
kisses by the sunset,
carefree walks, and happiness,
summer memories last forever."

- S M Pastore

I would like to wish all who celebrate their birthday in August
"A Very Happy Birthday and may all of you have a great and enjoyable day".

This puzzle is posted in 4 sizes - 20, 108, 252 and 540 pieces.

Please enjoy.

Cheerio, Jason :-)

jasonchung2 is my main account.
I also post puzzles at jasonchung (my second account).
jasonchung1 (my third account) is now a sealed account, however, you can still solve puzzles there.

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  2. triker13:00
  3. steve591115:17
  4. gadzeus15:41
  5. jasonchung217:10
  6. lewcipher17:11
  7. Acko17:20
  8. vncygrl18:04
  9. MsEngineer18:42
  10. QuietRayOfNoise20:11


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Hello Cjnola,

Thank you for the compliment on this puzzle :-)

I am delighted that you like the colours of this puzzle and, of course, it is great to hear that you had lots of fun piecing it together :-)

Green? Ah, there are different shades of green, now which one matches which?

Thank you for your good wishes, I am sleeping better nowadays :-)

Best wishes, Jason.


Hello from New Orleans, Jason! Another super puzzle ... Challenging but lots of fun and great colors (is this the right green? No, THIS must be the right green, Carol thinks as she sifts through the pieces!) Thank you once again for the art work. Hope many restful ZZZs come your way.


You are welcome, Robin.

It is a pleasure to share this puzzle with you and I am delighted that you like the colours and love this puzzle :-)

Best regards, Jason.


I loved the puzzle jason......great colours........thanks.robin


Now for sure the world has another 2 persons who will be enjoying their lives and adding more good vibes :-))

Indeed, Jason!


Meanwhile, while we are awake and alive, let us continue to enjoy life, Carrotcake :-)

Life is wonderful :-)))

And I you, Jason. "To sleep, per chance to dream" I think it goes.


Hi Carrotcake,

It is wonderful to see you visiting. Welcome :-)

Thank you for your appreciation of this puzzle and the quotation that accompanies it :-)

Let us hope that insomnia can leave us alone and go away soon :-0
Sleep, restful sleep, restorative sleep, we await you nightly :-)

Carrotcake, I wish you a refreshing sleep every night.

Best regards, Jason.

Beautiful sentiments and a delightful, cheery puzzle. From one insomniac to another, thanks so much for sharing, Jason.


Thank you Rita for solving this puzzle and for letting me know that you had great fun solving it :-)

I like colourful puzzles :-)

Thank you for your good wishes for me on having restful sleep every night.
I do need that :-)

Best regards, Jason.

Jason, thanks for this colorful puzzle. It was great fun to solve. Wishing you restful sleep every night.


Oh, Barb, a good night sleep is so treasured by me as I often have insomnia.

So, thank you, once again for blessing me with your good wishes :-)))

Hugs and love,




Thank you Barb for solving this puzzle :-)

I am happy to hear that you had fun solving this puzzle :-)

Thank you for your good wishes for they have come true - my sleep last night was good :-)

Best regard, Jason.


It was a great solve, thanks, Jason....☺
Sleep tight :)

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