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Lightkeeper's Cottage

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  1. l_bethoney4:16
  2. mariolyn4:39
  3. JillianB5:09
  4. zsy5:26
  5. 66pony5:40
  6. draftman11115:49
  7. CamiBaeza5:52
  8. Bevna5:56
  9. Pannalope5:59
  10. leriger26:02


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I like laced tea as well. I got a deal on Ovaltine today and had a cup when I got home with it. Then later I sat here with a glass of red wine - Bodacious. I'll be buying more of it.


I'll take tea laced with something...not a big hot choc fan, though I do occasionally have chocolate. This does have an inviting look, so who's going to knock first? :0}


The lights give it that inviting look. If we knocked on the door, maybe we'd be asked in for a hot chocolate laced with something.


That is so true, Jill. Perfect setting for a children's tale.


Has a story book “happy ever after” look and feel about it. Lovely thank you Birgit


Glad you enjoyed the puzzle, Rene. Idyllic and very pretty setting, but yes, if there is a spiral staircase, it might be a little hard on the knees. :0}


I could happily live in the pretty cottage in that setting no worries, not sure I could walk up and down the lighthouse steps though LOL fabulous puzzle so pretty, thank you Birgit.


I think we have a few of us who would as well...I love the idea of the cottage adjoined to the lighthouse


So nice and serene. I would live here


I agree with you, Cheryl. Just inhale all the sweetness from the flowers and think of a nice cup of something inside the cosiness of the cottage. Lol. I'd love to climb to the top of the lighthouse.


Lovely relaxing view. I can feel the tension falling away as I walk up to the door.


It would be neat to live in such a cottage next to the lighthouse and then be fun to climb to the top of the lighthouse and look out to see the great view.


This is adorable. Great for one or two people to live in. Has a great view!!!

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