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200 All-Star Rose Puzzles

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Here are the first 200 All-Stars Roses - puzzles with 10 All-Stars completed and captured.

Here is the link to the puzzles 151 through 200 All-Star Rose puzzles if we want a smaller challenge. Good luck:
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  1. TIME4ME35:06
  2. dkektk42:37
  3. jeje44:50
  4. SusieQueue47:19
  5. Koseykat56:33
  6. freedom2551:04:44
  7. tabbycat3201:08:12
  8. linda18021:09:41
  9. peggerd1:11:30
  10. donna_dev1:13:39


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Lady C and Marunka, please accept my belated(!) congratulations for finishing it :-)

I did have a good time. Creating the TV shows was the most creative thing I've ever made (not counting my 4 great kids of course). Thank you. It's fun to be back. I'll visit for a while when I can.

That is something to see all those roses/puzzles. Oh my :-)


You have been gone a long time Like, I hope you are having a good vacation and everything is well with you and your family. Come back soon :o))

Můj čas je 1 hodina 42 minut 56 vteřin :-)))
My time is 1 hours 42 minutes 56 seconds


My respect LadyC for your endurance ... but after all, it was quite a long way :-)))


I've finished it - 3 hours 15 minutes and 30 seconds
Loved it - going to start the 50 jobbie now ... thanks Like :o)


Still doing it Like 43% at 1.26.22

Puzzle jsem složila, bylo to pro mě dost těžké :-)))
Puzzle I passed, it was hard enough for me :-)))


I'm still doing it Like - I'm miles off yet, just got the borders in and that's taken me 45 minutes. I can only do little jiggies quick, however !!!! I am enjoying it immensely and remember just about all of them :)))))


Interesting - no takers (or completers) yet...

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