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Just an idea :-)

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  1. Robbos0:13
  2. Ianto0:14
  3. macskabolond1110:16
  4. Surreal_Heidi0:17
  5. alias2v0:18
  6. setala20:18
  7. wshealy0:18
  8. NewSong0:18
  9. JennyG660:18
  10. Sissel0:19


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:-))) Thanks Alias
Here it was 15,79 dkr - now 14,79 dkr :-)))


Petrol €2.30 /litre is about twice as much as $5/gallon.

Do you use diet Coke and Mentos in Germany, as well?


Thanks for the laugh Sylvia :-)))


Going to forward this to the rest of my family, lol!


Thank you so much Dunsel :-))))

That is correct Heidi. Yesterday I saw a headline in Denmark. Electric cars are now more expensive to load than normal gas, and many people buys them but have to buy a "loadingplace" too :-)))) Thanks so much

Many fun things are tried out Heicel. This pic shows a trick the children in Denmark learns for learning sience tricks - MENTOS and COLA :-)))) Thanks so much

Thank you so much Bandit. Old times go slow to new times I think :-))))

Thanks so much Janet. That is not good with your looong distances :-)))) Hugs


Yes terrible prices here too. Thanks and hugs Sissel. ♥♥


And all the coal fired generating plants to produce that electric to charge those cars?


And what an idea! I think... Hold it: you guys operate bicycles with gas?? 😲

I wonder if that idea would also work for cars - gas price in Germany are around 2,30 Euro per liter! 😥

(On the serious side: I'm all with Surreal_Heidi - I wonder about that, too. Let's hope the subject comes back up as soon as some brains get out of shock!)


Whatever happened to ethanol? It was fairly clean, good for the environment and renewable by farmers. Electric cars require lithium batteries, and the lithium is as bad as coal to mine.

Love it :-)

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