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Solve and then solve again :-)
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  1. Ribs0:44
  2. Gulliver0:52
  3. Ianto0:56
  4. AncientOne0:58
  5. JennyG660:58
  6. Dilubreuer0:59
  7. Emanuela761:00
  8. Cootje601:02
  9. racoonstar1:04
  10. trold551:07


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Thanks Hawkatiels & Iris - Glad you enjoyed it :-D


Joyful fun! I love maze games! Grins! ☺♥♥




Glad I could provide some inspiration, T&F :D


LOL glad you enjoyed it T&F :-)


lol . . . I've not actually gone yet . . . ;-)
Love the dog joke BTW

I was amazed that I didn't get lost solving this but then I did take inspitation from racoonstar . . . thank you racoonstar . . . lol


gogogo - You have a great weekend too :-DD


lol - I wouldn't dream of wearing shorts in 64F weather. The tee shirt I would wear, either over or under a turtleneck perhaps. :-))

I like the saying about watching your dog run away for days. :-D

Again, have a great weekend, XP! :-))


Prairies are boring gogogo - unless there are trees - it's just flat lol

Alberta isn't quite ALL prairies we have some hills and the rockies are a few hours away to the south of me. Saskatchewan and Manitoba though.... they are flat and so boring on road trips LOL The joke about Saskatchewan is that you can watch your dog run away for days lol

I do find it funny that 64 is your winter and I'm ready to wear shorts and a T-shirt all weekend lol


What a contrast! We hardly had any winter days where our temp got down to 64F.

I have never even visited anywhere where it's all prairie, but have seen film & photos. It would be quite an experience to view that firsthand.


LOL racoonstar!! Love it!! :-DD


That is hot! We aren't getting anywhere close to that yet - right now it's about 46 but going up to 64 over the weekend, which still isn't quite warm enough for me lol - I like about 80 lol

I'll be glad to get out in the sun this weekend, we've had so much rain lately I feel like I live on the coast (I don't - all prairies here) lol


LOL - love your solution, racoonstar!


The first solve was easy.
The bird flew over the maze to the tree. :D


Ha - maybe none!! Well, a few dishes and a load of laundry or two, probably...

We're finally supposed to get some more rain this weekend - I'll be glad to stay indoors, for that. :-)

Our temps have been up to 98F this week - that's hot. :-P


I will Thank you :-)

I hope you also have a good weekend - with hopefully not too much housework ;-)


Easy is good for eyes and also not time-consuming. :-)

Hope you have a great weekend, including the muddiness you're anticipating!


Ya I did it quick too - but I didn't want to put one up that was too hard and might bother peoples (my) eyes lol


Thanks for puzzle, XP - I solved and then solved again. :-D

I like to solve mazes - this one was super easy. :-)

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