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Merry Christmas in July!

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  1. alib352:22
  2. Honi542:37
  3. kathy554:43
  4. AngelaB5:35
  5. saya885:39
  6. JavaChip345:47
  7. spotto6:12
  8. Tyco6:25
  9. MarshaG616:31
  10. Mimie6:39


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Actually jrabbit, I wasn't sure that the US celebrated thins, nor didn't know that Hallmark showed Christmas in July movies. Makes sense though. I appreciate everyone doing my puzzle: Babs, Godwink, Sandy, Momcat, Judina, Kathy and jrabbit


We have Christmas in July activities here in south Texas every year. And you know the Hallmark Channel has their Christmas in July movies. Lol I love them! :-)


how many of you celebrate christmas in july, or have even heard of it?

Good one! Thank you! B


NEVER too soon for Christmas! :-)

I've been celebrating Christmas in July since I sort of missed it in 2020! So I am most grateful for your puzzle! Merry Christmas and thank you!

Whoever saw a watermelon Christmas tree? I love it! The whole puzzle is wonderful. Thanks, and Merry Christmas. 'Sandy Claus'


Thank you!

Dear totovader, Thanks for this witty collection! I'm amazed at what you were able to find for your puzzle, and then jokes as well! Good fun! Judy

Wonderful! Thank you.

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