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  1. LadyDonna10:10
  2. cstars170:12
  3. Palapeli20180:13
  4. 4wings50:14
  5. Augur20210:15
  6. Ianto0:15
  7. sb_bs0:15
  8. pedro11110:16
  9. madhat0:16
  10. Kayker0:16


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@Haze2, you are so very welcome., thanks for the comment about my peace rose. This year was so perfect for them. I had 12 roses of different stages at the same time. Stunning.


Thanks so much for your blessings. What a beautiful flower!💓🌺


@Nicepeach2 I just sent you a notice via your highlighted name attached to the puzzle Linda is mentioning below that is Ank's puzzle where she told us of her lung cancer diagnosis and where almost 3000 messages have been left to encourage her.
Love photos and puzzles of my favorite those--the peace rose.
Hope your son is doing better. Well wishes to you as well. ;-))


@linda1802, I tried many times to get to that puzzle and it just will not come up. I am having problems with my iPad, not sure, but wish I could wish her well.


How kind that you'll now visit Ank's "Keep on smiling" puzzle and, I hope, leave a message for her there. She's now well enough to read such messages and will love to hear from you.

I'm saddened to read that your son has a serious illness, and can understand that you have been preoccupied with his condition recently. I wish him (and you) well.
Take care and stay safe, Mary.


@linda1802, P.S. forgot to say I have copied the link and heading there very shortly.


@linda1802, Thank you so much. I did not know about Ank. And I am so sorry for her serious illness. I have been so preoccupied with serious illness of my son, I have neglected keeping in touch as I use to. Ank is very special and always did such remarkable birthday cards that were so very special.



My very best wishes for a happy birthday, Mary.

I'm not sure if you know, but sadly, Ank (puzzeljac) is not well enough to make a birthday puzzle for you this year. She has recently completed chemotherapy and radiotherapy in a battle against lung cancer and is still very weak. However, I'm pleased to report that she is slowly becoming stronger.
To read what Ank wrote in her own words and the updates I have since added, I suggest you go to:

Again, my best wishes for your special day.

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