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West Virginia round barn in use, 1974

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Greenbriar County, north of Lewisburg. Gone now.
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There is an interesting commentary on Wikipedia ... no mention of the idea coming from another country. It seems to be an American phenomenon ... Geo. Washington was one of the earliest builders ... it seems that there were many advantages to this design when construction materials were harder to come by ... but the fad died out. It is an interesting read ... not too long.

I never saw a round barn until I moved to West Virginia. Are they unique to this area or are they found in other parts of the country? Was the idea of a round barn brought from the old country of an ethnic group or was it an American idea? Think I'll do some research ...




Thank you, plumpossum. I knew there had to be a practical advantage & I'm delighted to know what that is.


If you stand in the center of a round (or approximately round) barn, you can pitch hay into all the stalls from there without having to walk up and down the aisle as you do in a rectangular barn.


It's kind of hard to imagine deciding to build a round barn, isn't it? Thanks for the comment - sharon


I'm not sure I've ever actually seen a round one in person, BrightSky. 6 sided and 8 sided, but not round. I would think corners would be more efficient and also bending the boards arund the shell during construction would be hard, I would think. There are so many more squared corner ones, they must be more practical. This one is two stroy with ventilation on top.Thanks for the great photo!


Thank you, fodus. Do you know what the advantages of a round barn are? I suppose mucking out would be easier w/out corners, but...


Glad to see so many round barns. Two have been restored in our area and then there are others.


Traveling somewhere in West Virginia, my father told me he would show me a barn in which a man went crazy. So we came to a round barn (not this one), and he said the man went in there looking for a corner & never found one. Came out crazy.

Aging brings back old memories & somehow mine are full of surprises. I can still the barn & it was pretty much done in...some 50-60 years ago.

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