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Just put down a pile of cushions and watch your cat grab a sleeping place.
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  1. puppsgal26:35
  2. amy9811527:05
  3. Talana27:53
  4. spottymonster34:58
  5. lkershaw39:38
  6. alene139:48
  7. peggy6640:59
  8. Mabs194741:34
  9. SusanAnnCiangiola44:52
  10. Frabie147:51


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Bodkin's life does sound perfect. I hope to see him again before long, maybe with a tale of one of his adventures.

Bodkin is approximately 10 years old. He lives the perfect life with a big garden complete with birds, squirrels, rabbits and mice, and has a good half dozen favourite sleeping spots - top of the list being my bed !


Hi Bodkin! You are a very good-looking cat. Please tell us something about yourself.


Hello Bodkin, what are you doing up there? You are a very pretty cat!

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5 September 2018 - 17 April 2016
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