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Bye Bye Lathe House.

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We left the fabulous orchids and plants, and walked across a little bridge, bottom left. That Lathe House (the Botanical House) was one of the most amazing plant places I've ever seen.

Balboa Park.
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Oh dear ! I'm so sorry ..Hope it doesn't stop you taking walks or moving about,and above all I hope it doesn't hurt !! Take care dear Janet.


Hi Andie, I only published the Sunrise puzzle today, but never mind. I have an ongoing foot problem and not much I can do about it.
I'm so pleased you liked this one, this was a really amazing place, and full of beauty.
Thanks and hugs.


Dear Janet thank you again for sharing that beautiful place with us .You know "a thing of beauty is a joy for ever".The beauty of Nature helps us cope with all that's ugly in this world.

Sorry I haven't been able to find your Sunrise puzzle but I do hope you're OK now..have a good day and take care.


I'm really pleased you could share them with me.
Thanks and hugs, Lunie.


They sure were amAzing tropical beauties Jan!


Hi dear Maureen, I'm so happy that you enjoyed visiting this amazing place too. I loved sharing the photos too, and reliving seeing them all. Thanks and hugs my friend ♥


Hi Andie, yes I see you found our beautiful girls. Miffie has feet problems and has an injection every month for arthritis and it has given her a new lease on life.

As a plant lover this place with all the fabulous orchids brommies etc was like heaven! I so pleased you enjoyed seeing it too.
Thanks and hugs to you my friend.


Hi Janet,thanks for taking us along on your trip to the Lathe house.
I was truly amazed at the vast variety of orchids there are.
Also the other plants. Hugs my friend.


And as I was having a close look at your photos I felt amazed at the variety of flowers you posted..So many gorgeous orchids and bromeliads and ...and...
Congratulations,your shots are just GREAT .Hugs dear Janet.


Found them dear Janet.How cute they are ! Hope you keep them both fit and healthy a long long time..


Thanks Andie, yes I posted pics of both Molly and Miffie fairly recently. Molly on 15th July and Miffie five days ago. If you scroll back through my pics you'll find them. Molly is mostly white and Miff is a tabby. Hugs again.


Thanks Janet .Have you posted photos of Miffie and Molly ? Hugs to you and your kittens.


Thanks Allie, I'm so pleased you enjoyed them. Hugs to you. ♥


Hi Andie, it was a fabulous place with all the beautiful plants and so many orchids. Miffie and Molly thank you for their hugs and cuddles and send hugs back.
Hugs to you too.


Enjoyed seeing these photos Janet - thank you! x


What a lovely collection of orchids Janet.They are among the prettiest flowers with all sorts of colours and shapes and I loved them all .You must have had a great time seeing and taking photos of them.Glad you enjoyed that amazing place.Hugs...and cuddles to Molly and Miffie.


Hi dear Marlene, I'm so pleased you enjoyed seeing all the lovely plants and flowers from here. It was wonderful to share them. Thanks, hugs and love dear friend, Janet XXXXXX

Molly and Miffie send many furry kisses and lots of lour purrs. ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥


Hello Dear Janet, It Sure Looks Great From The Outside. Sure Is A Wonderful Place. So Happy That You Found It & Shared It With Us, Many Thanks For Doing So, I Enjoyed Seeing All The Beautiful Plants in Plant Heaven. == [[ MEOWS ]] == [[ MEOWS ]] == TO MY 2 DARLINGS MOLLY & MIFFIE == LOTS & LOTS OF LOVE From Auntie Marlene. Love & Best Wishes My Dear Friend Janet. Marlene. X X X X.


Hi there dear Ginger, this was a fabulous place so I'm glad you caught up with some of the beauties.
My pleasure to share them and see them again! Thanks and hugs dear friend. ♥♥


Thanks Daasha, and thanks for following along with me. Hugs.


Hi Barb, thanks to you and I'm happy that you could share with me. Hugs. ♥


Thanks Diana, I'm pleased you liked them too. Hugs.


Thanks Lyndee, I loved sharing them too. hugs.


Went back and looked at some of the orchids there and you sure had a great time there seeing all those wonderful plants. Thanks much 4 shARING AGAIN! hUGS MY DEAR FRIEND. ♥♥(OOPS HIT THAT KEY AGAIN! :O))))

Once more very pretty!


I loved being there with you Janet, it was great experience, thank you and hugs :)


I loved this!


Certainly did Janet. Thanks for sharing them with us.

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