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Two of my (formerly) feral cats.
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Thank you for your sympathy, beyondwords. I miss him the most. Your "Ebony on sofa" looks just like BC. He was solid black except for one small white spot on his chest. I don't have a lot of time to do puzzles, but will post pictures as get time. :)

Sorry to hear about B.C.'s passing. I'm sure you had many good years together and still miss him. I'd love to see more photos of Tiger Ann and Wiley plus Tip and even B.C. And stories about adventures when living with feral cats.

Our four middle-aged cats were either feral or semi-feral. The two caught and fostered as kittens were well socialized by the time they joined our family. The other two are now quite domesticated in some ways (and one is quite attached to my partner), but very skittish and can't be picked up or put in a carrier.


Hi, beyondwords, the cats are still with us, as well as Tip (a feral cat). We lost our oldest domestic cat, B.C. (Black Cat), this summer. He was 18 and had a good life. Thanks for your interest. :)

Cute pair! It's great that they became tame soon. Are they still members of your household? Any recent photos of Tiger Annand Wiley? Or of other cats you referred to?


Yes, they are, mila71. It didn't take long for them to become so tame they don't mind pestering me whenever they want something (food). LOL -- Carol


TFS, these beautiful felines look very domesticated now to me.♦️


They are thinking, "Don't you think we're adorable?" -- Carol


I'd love to know what they're thinking!


Glad you are my friend! -- Carol


my pleasure, that's what friends are for. I only gave you a gentle push :)


Hi, youngone. Yes. Tiger was named when we thought she was a he, until she was spayed. Now she is Tiger Ann.
Thank you jean349 :).
Thank you Mazy. This is fun! Thank you for getting me off first base.

Are their names Wiley and Tiger?

Lovely photo of your two cats, Clrtexas.


see, how hard is that. 3 solves already, too. Great pic - they don't look terrible wild and undomesticated anymore LOL very sweet. I'm an animal lover / rescuer, too.

Will look fwd to more puzzles :)


OK, @Mazy, here is the first one. -- Carol

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