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080718 Colors and Shapes

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Just a flying visit..still dealing with issues, then I woke to hard disk failure and no hard disk, I fixed that but it was time to buy another computer, and now have a trial soon and am working about 60 hours a week. I hope to return more regularly. in the future - I miss you all! :)
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Thank you, Lena!


I like it, thanks❤


Thank you, Irena! :)


Very nice cats, I really like ☺




Bedankt, Annie, voor die vriendelijke woorden. Ik hoop hier te zijn als de tijd het toelaat.


I agree, irisriver - that it is! (And if you are gone for a while, your times go back to "beginner days," LOL.)


Thanks, Teresa. The trial got postponed, but the issues and challenges remain. The trial is now the 2nd week of January which nobody wanted because all the prep may disrupt the holidays. :) We're just going at a slower pace rather than full bore. But if he talks to me again like he did last week - I'll be job hunting and someone else can deal with it. :))


Een heel leuke puzzel 6toedcats , blij dat je er weer bent . Dank je wel .


Take care! This piece is sweet colorful magic! Grins!☺


Hey, 6TC! It's good to see you here again, even if it's just to visit. I'm sorry life is so challenging for you right now. I hope things settle down soon so you can come have more fun with us. (✬‿✬) - Teresa


Thank you, RitaTen - it seems abnormal to me as well. :) But I do pop in on occasion. :))


Thanks, Obby! And the same to you. ☺


Thank you, Kirsten! Not often, but still here. :))


This seems abnormal that you are not with us, I miss you.


That was fun, 6TC. Warm good wishes to you.


Good to see you, 6TC! Glad that you're still with us. I hope that things settle down for you soon - we miss you too! (❛ᴗ❛)


Thanks, Shian! I'm happy you like it, and appreciate the good wishes!


Спасибо, Натали. Я рад, что тебе понравилось! :)


Thanks for your bright cheery puzzle, 6TC, hope you health and work issues sort themselves out for you very soon.


Восхитительная клякса на яркой палитре!:))


Thanks much, bookish! :)


Lovely having a puzzle from you, 6TC. Good luck with your heavy schedule. :)


Thanks,, that too, but I didn't really understand the MRi - and when they got to future back surgery - I tuned them out, but locate some exercises . ;) Just rethinking retirement age, LOL! I want to retire while I'm healthy enough to truly enjoy it. Yes, I know I'm working too much, my co-worker is on vacation this week, but it wasn't any different last time when she wasn't! It starts the 5th, so pretty much another week or so. I'm grabbing rest whenever I can! I hope all is well with you.


Glad you could make a flying visit, 6tc. I've missed you. I thought for a moment that disc was in your back . Oh, no. How awful was my thought. Then I realized you were talking about the computer. Whew. You're working too much but you know that. Get your rest and save your energy. One day this too shall pass. Hugs.


☺︎♥︎ I have faith and trust that you WILL hang in there, 6tc! ☺︎♥︎


Thanks for your caring remarks, gogogo! I'm trying to "hang in there," LOL!


We have missed you, 6tc!! Thanks for taking time to post this puzzle and a few words. ☺︎♥︎
Sounds like you have plenty on your plate at present. Wishing you the best, in getting things squared away, and finding time to take a breath and relax, my Jigidi friend and fellow Floridian. ♥︎

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