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  1. lordmojo0:45
  2. like921150:50
  3. dputnam11600:55
  4. edeinert0:56
  5. mariolyn1:02
  6. Robbiel1:06
  7. evielou1:08
  8. era41:10
  9. nonolerobot1:10
  10. Robbos1:10


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JiggyBelleS- Hey there girl, haven't seen it yet as I've not been on jigidi for some time now but I promise I'll open it up right after I'm done with these comments! :D Thank you so, so much, your such a sweety pie! Big hugs to you from me! xxx

Patti- How are you doing Patti? I don't think I'd want to tackle this recipe either, your right it would take forever to make! I'd sure like to eat a big slice of it though! hahaha Hugs &

Adriana- HAHAHA Yes it does doesn't it! I want some right now! But my hips tell me NO! L.O.L. Hugs, hugs and more hugs dear! xxx

Robbos- L.O.L. I'm just teasing myself too Robbos! It's making my mouth water just looking at it! :D

Robryan- Hi Rob, hope things are well with you these days! L.O.L. Wish I could give you and everyone else here a big slice of this yummy cake! But alas, we'll just have to keep wishing cause there's NO way I'm going to try to make this one! hahaha Thanks so much for commenting! Big hugs are being sent your way dear! xxx


YUM!! I'd love a slice of this Monica!!!


Stop teasing me.............


mmmmmmmmmm looks yammy


Yikes! So many layers! Would take forever to make! But I'll bet it's worth it. :)


I thought this might be the right puzzle to put the link on:

I renamed a puzzle in your honor for your birthday!! :D Hope it was a great one!!!!


Hey! Robbie, your back! Gosh, it's sooooo good to see you again! Yes, it does look awfully yummy doesn't it! l.o.l.


That certainly does look yummy Monica!!

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