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The Dancer

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l feel the joy in this picture and wanted to share it with my friends at Jigidi-
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  1. Earendilwasa3:53
  2. zoffica4:56
  3. Jorsulak5:19
  4. Renees5:34
  5. wnord5:49
  6. Holga5:54
  7. Garylancs5:55
  8. janetejames5:57
  9. SJcr6:04
  10. LadyLynnP6:15


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This is a breath of fresh air! Reminder to move ones body

Wonderful, delightful image; makes me want to dance! Thanks very much!


Thanks, Jess and Betty- The red dress adds to the joy, don't you think?

BTW- Something is wrong with Jigidi notification because l never got notified of your two comments


I wondered, only because after leaving dhi a comment to one and she replied, the next time I went to comment a second time, it was gone as if she and I never wrote each other!


The red dress does add to the joy-
Thanks Betty and Jess-

BTW Something is wrong with Jigidi notification because l found your two comments by accident- Jigidi did not notify me-


With beauty and style our ballerina dances in the spotlight. She's caught the painter's eye and looks so graceful in motion, in casing her with specks of magic. Jean, I too feel the joy.



Hello John- Glad you like her-
35 is a good age, but the hat would not go with the dance!


Another Beautiful picture
She must be a 35'r without her hat


Thanks, Ken-
Where do you live, my friend?


Great picture Jean


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