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Nyla hates flies

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If she hates flies I know what she needs a fly zapper but it makes a bang .

How cute is that. I miss julie who takes us to kingfishers on the bus. I enjoy all the pretty bright and colourful and vibrant puzzles that catch my eye.


@wshealy @mila71 Sorry not to answer, I don't get to my page often enough. mila, so sorry about your baby. We've lost many, but we keep getting more.
wsh, I NV you. A males is my dream dog. I'm sure she and Sammie were a joy. Glad you have Bella and Sadie. I have Jane [mini-schnauzer] and Lollipop [Lhasa-Apso]. So loved.


We had one just like this her name was baby girl she died 2017 of cancer. Thanks


Hope your in-laws will be safe during the upcoming storm.

I've had furry babies for many years. I appreciate what they add to our lives. Sorry to hear about Nyla's abuse. I'm glad your daughter was able to save her.

I've had two tiny girls in the past: Sammie Jo (teacup Poodle) and Katie Jo (tiny Maltese). Sammie had a very sweet personality and Katie had that personality that she was in charge of organizing our house. I loved both of them and miss both of them. I currently have a standard Poodle (Bella) and Chinese Crested (Sadie). Can't imagine a world without these fur babies. Wanda


Thanks Wanda. my in-laws are in Hemmingway S.C.. I've been through lots of storms, but some things you never get used to.
Little Nyla is my daughter's 3 lb. rescue. She caught a man squeezing her little face. Said she bit his baby. So Mara took her and treated the swelling and now Nyla is devoted to her.


Julie, I've done quite a few of your puzzles and enjoy them very much.

Don't know what will happen with Florence. We definitely need the rain but not all the wind that will come with it. It looks like Florence will be going up into North Carolina, but at this point, it's all guessing. You all in Florida have had your share of terrible storms over these past years. Wanda


They'll never find you in there.

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