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Shadow sitting on his rug on HIS 'chair'. Miss him lots.
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  1. AmmaSue7:03
  2. halsbacher7:50
  3. Gwiber7:59
  4. thebetterhalf8:05
  5. anan8:28
  6. pensplace998:55
  7. scbrown9:24
  8. Sporhun9:26
  9. ab13249:30
  10. Cadreamer9:33


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am terrible sorry betterhalf, made my comment before I realised dear shadow had crossed the rainbow bridge, my deepest sympathy in your loss. I lost my dearest friend tiny, three years ago, and it is actually angus who I got after tinys passing. (he was 18 when he passed) I had no intention of getting another, but misty, who is now 10, had never known life without tiny, and went from room to room crying for his buddy, didn't wish to get another, felt by doing so I would be trying to replace tiny which I never could. but misty was fretting so badly, I had to, couldn't let him suffer like that, so along came angus. best decision I (we) ever made. they are inseperable.


thankyou for your lovely comment, and this is the beautiful shadow, who was the same with you as little angus is to me. it feels beautiful having little Angus showing that he cares deeply, as obviously shadow does also. their love is so pure and endless.

Thankyou for your comment. I still miss him a lot. There is a cat puzzle (Bella) by Valt46 that is very much like him so it is great to see him on screen and do his puzzles.


They are never with us long enough. Thanks for sharing your Shadow with us.


nineteen years is a good long life for a must have taken very good care of him.


Nice to know you still think of him. I miss each one of my kitties that have shared this world with me. ♥ ♥

My beautiful Shadow. Had him for 19 years.

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