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9 Bright Kaleidos

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  1. dotshell11:00
  2. spacepineapple12:00
  3. mikefillary12:54
  4. jbugs14:54
  5. IBAHKABYH16:36
  6. puk17:53
  7. Shelkod18:01
  8. DATEETS20:31
  9. seakayaker20:35
  10. Kizzykat21:30


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Benefit of an app is that you can download puzzles and just do a bit and save them & can still access them without internet access - perfect for travelling etc. you can't do that with the website version. And I paid for removal of ads - but only get that on the app, not the website.


OK, I've taken a breath. We would still be able to use an iPad to access the website to do and create puzzles. I have written to them to ask them to please make the expand and contract function on the website less cumbersome. (I think I said this in a private message, but want anyone else who reads our comments to see this. Maybe if others write about why they prefer the app, they will reconsider.)


@Trish237--WHAT!! Your news is ruining my day! I hate working through the website. I only use the app! Can you please forward the email they sent. I'll send my email on a private puzzle. Where did you hear about this?




Thanks for your super comment on this puzzle Dotty. I got a reply back from the Jigidi crew today, not happy they are probably not going to have the app in the near future - just desktop version. So that's me out - I don't want to sit at my desk where I do "work" to do puzzles. I do some when I'm having a cuppa in bed of a morning, sitting on my comfy sofa watching tv or listening to talkback or podcasts - or even in the spa! Hope they change their mind, I actually paid for the app so I didn't have to put up with adverts. I also love doing puzzles on the go - like when I'm on holiday so that'll be out too. I wonder if they've thought this through and got feedback?


This is such a beautiful puzzle, Trish! I just kept smiling as I worked it. Thank you! Dotty

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