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Jacaranda Trees (May17P08)

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The blossoms of the Jacaranda tree are associated with the magic of Spring.

All credits go to the photographer who took this photo.

This puzzle is posted in 4 sizes - 16, 36, 64 and 100 pieces. Please enjoy.

Puzzle 112
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Thank you for solving this puzzle, Phedra :-)

Yes, this tree is very beautiful.

I have seen flowering Jacaranda trees during my visits to Australia and USA.
I am always delighted to see them as their beauty brings me joy.

Best regards,


Bellissimo !!! Non ho mai visto un albero così, credo che da qui da noi ( Italia ) non ce ne sia. Grazie.


Hello Mila,

You are welcome :-)

I am happy that you like the lavender purple of this lovely Jacaranda tree :-) It is pretty.

It is interesting and fun to know your own Chinese zodiac sign.

Thank you for solving this puzzle.

Best regards, Jason


TFS, I love this lavender purple is my favorite color plus I am a fire goat in the Chinese zodiac sign.⌛️


Thank you for dropping by Marina :-)

I love the sight of Jacaranda trees in full bloom.

Best regards, Jason.


Stunning tree and impact to the people who see it and landscape around it. I love these trees.


They must have been a gorgeous sight to behold.


I remember this kind of tree from my college years in Florida! Grins! (✿◠‿◠)❀


It certainly is or was.


It must be a beautiful walk:-)


Thank you Irena.


Beautiful tree-covered flowers.


Thanks for the explanation!


Hello Dafna, thank you for writing a comment on the beauty of the Jacaranda tree.


They are really a lovely sight to behold, Lia. One day, when you see them you will fall in love with their beauty.


In the kibbutz of Givat Brener there is a line of this tree, and I happened to see them when some of the flowers fell down. and some were still on the trees, it looks like mirror, as if the flowers on the tree were mirrored on the floor. It was so beautiful, that I cannot forget it.


Thank you, Wendy.

I have seen them when I was in the States and in Australia. They are truly beautiful when they are in full bloom - the whole tree is covered with blossoms and then sometimes you will see the sidewalk and the road covered with the flowers that have been blown down by the wind. Awesome. It always makes me very happy to see them.


I too never saw a tree with such colour blossoms!
Thank you!


Wow! I don't think I have ever seen a tree as pretty as this one. Jason, do you know where they are grown? They are so beautiful..............Wendy

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