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Dinner Last Night

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Salmon, sweet potato coins, baked beans, garlic bread and tomatoes. :)
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  1. lordmojo2:53
  2. 1y2n1533:13
  3. susannea4:51
  4. zoffica5:19
  5. yarnover5:25
  6. timc5:29
  7. dartagnan5:41
  8. Impie6:10
  9. scbrown6:19
  10. papahen7:00


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I am in the same boat. Trying to walk everyday even though it hurts, but every time I turn around there is something else tempting me.

Gosh I wish I could loss weight as I age. This week I've started a diet so eating lots of salads and veg.
Because of arthrits I'm just not burning off the calories I used to and unfortunately I love food!




I do understand that, Carol. An unfortunate side effect of aging, I guess. I have certain foods I can't eat a lot of and ironically, one of them is lettuce.


Hi Yipes! Yes salmon is very expensive here also. However, having "fishing friends" who share is so very nice!
Jals, in my case I have lost some weight (unwillingly) with Mother Nature's assistance. As I age
Mother Nature has lowered my tolerance for many foods. The repercussions of going against Mother Nature make me one unhappy girl. ;)

Jals has got it. 'Greens ' are green veg, cooked or salad.
Salmon here is very expensive and I only eat as a treat.


So nice, Carol to have friends like that. My husband's brother will drop off fresh fish for me once in a while too. Hubby doesn't care for it, but I love it.

I just tried a diet which limited you very much, no tomatoes, no potatoes, no white flour, no cow's milk, etc... I tried it for 2 - 3 weeks, didn't lose a thing and was totally frustrated by the time I was done. I can't live like that.


This is where all those tasty salmon go!


Jals, gotcha'. In my defense I did have tomatoes and sweet potatoes. LOL :)

Salmon was plentiful MANY-MANY-MANY years ago, when I grew up in Vancouver, and it was common to buy canned salmon for the pets instead of pet food. Easy to remember "the old days" when I see the price of Copper River Salmon each season!! Luckily, I have avid fishermen friends who are kind enough to share the seasonal salmon they catch here on Whidbey. :)


Green beans, spinach, lettuce, leafy greens.

So funny you used to feed the salmon to your animals. Now it fetches a premium price.


Yipes! You have me going.......what are "greens" in NZ? Maybe a salad? I am curious! :)


Yipes, you're making me curious.
What does 'green' mean in New Zealand?

That's interesting . That's not what we call greens in NZ.


yipes, the white beans, potatoes and tomatoes are vegetables/greens, right? ;-))

Lucky you to have that salmon but where are your greens?


Hi Jals, it was salmon. Fresh caught by friend! :) It brings back memories of when I grew up and we fed salmon to our dogs and cats. Wow, those days are G-O-N-E. Red plates........secret purchase (LOL) WAL-MART!

Jaklien, I tried to eat it. I failed. :) I did not adjust my computer. Jigidi is changing to the new way of doing things everyday. This morning I realized I could post puzzles again. I do need a new computer........but, I LOVE this one. Have a dear friend whose "significant other" will transfer things for me when I cannot put it off any longer. He handles several major businesses here so I know he is reliable. :)))


That looks great, Carol. Pork or chicken? I love your red plates!


All for you only Carol? Looks yummy ☺

Your computer is apparently fixed?

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