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Otto on a Patterned Rug

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My "grand doggy," Otto.
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Audrey, I look forward to exploring the posts of your dear dogs. We've also had "working dogs," with at least some herding blood. Only the Cardigan Corgi was a purebred. They've all led lives of leisure, patrolling the backyard and barking at anyone approaching our front door, only to greet them with an overabundance of welcoming once they step beyond our threshold. Though also bred to work, Otto is our daughter's city apartment pup whose trust I had to earn through rewarding him for his tricks. I believe you'll see more of him in the future as well as some of our dog, Lizzie.


Yes, she's been featured in the theme: Different Dogs / Different Lifestyles. She was the "On a Couch in a Library Dog". . .other were Village Dog, Beach Dog, Shop Dog, Prince of the Neighborhood Dog (that was our Mulan), Posh Dog, and Porch Dog (Our Brownie) and Brownie got the most solves! We hear about dogs that do work - St. Bernards and such, but none of the dogs where we live "work". We did have an Australian Shepherd once, but she only herded our kids, and a Bernese Mt. Dog we had, never pulled carts, loaded with cheese, through the snow. Of course, they would claim to be watch dogs. . .barking at everything that moves past our front gate. Mulan alerts me to anything interesting in the yard or outdoor kitchen, or in our house. . .though he never tries to catch or injure anything. . . geckos, rats, snakes, toads, giant insects. . . he just is curious and thinks I ought to be too. . . and I am.


Yes, the one-up-one down ears are natural for Otto. I think ears down is normal for his breed and sometimes that's how his are. But often he sports this look-- part of his charm, as I'm sure it was for Ninja. Have you ever posted photos of Ninja?


Did his ears naturally go in two different directions? My "Ninja" had hers sticking straight out, but after an incident of that condition where the ear fills with blood, and left alone, it naturally goes down on its own (and appeared to cause no discomfort), that ear flopped/drooped down as is in Otto's left ear here. Just wondering. They are very distinct! And yes we love them so.


Aww, thanks, Audrey. We do love this little guy.


Otto is marvelous. What a sweet bundle of energy! Thank you Carol.

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