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Oh dear Bev.

NO mailman has not delivered yet. I will look for it. Thank you. You are a nice person!!!!!


Did you get my postcard from Ajman yet Bev.?

It's strange how things pop up.....and the questions start. Where are these people. Are they still alive. Who would know them? 10-16-19...12:20p.m


Even Peace4all has been missing since January of this year.


Yes so sad.


Oh, I had forgotten about Patricia/biscottino's rusty puzzles. No one has heard from her
in almost 3 years. She also posted puzzles at 'Biscotto' and at 'almond'.

I'm gonna put her back on my bookmark page and start doing her "rusties" again.
Thanks for posting this bev.!

Wow, Just happened to come across this puzzle again. Where is biscottino ? Does anyone know?
@biscottino -----------------------------------------------------Bev. Oct. 15, 2019----4:41pm

Hello Patricia,
There are many of us out here in jigidi land, that are missing you. Hope all is well or on the mend.
Beverly 7-2-17..4:43 p.m.


May peace reign in 2017... miss your posts... hope all is well... Jeanette

CJ45...oh my goodness..I laughed so hard when I read your post... it was so unexpected...I hope it's not true...but who knows...:)


Ah Peace! when will the peoples of our Earth ever have it. I have not seen it in all my time on Earth since a child there have been wars and wars why I do not know. Is it nature saying that there are too many males on the planet?


I second Jeri and Peace! You give us gifts all year long. Thank you, Patricia!




Wow! You are all so kind. Thank you, Jeri, Peace4all (very apt) and Elizabeth.
Wishing you all peace, health and happiness in 2017.


I totally agree!


ditto, ditto!!! You are the best!

yes biscottino...thank you for all the absolutely beautiful pictures ! Peace and Blessings to you and all your loved ones and to all our Jigidi friends!


You always find the BEST cards....Thanks for your searches and the time it took.

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