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The Girls and Cooper watching Sheep TV

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  1. spencersmom6:17
  2. Biscuit747:00
  3. PaxLab7:18
  4. nuthatch439:20
  5. mare445613:23
  6. LMV15:44
  7. LynneA16:02
  8. Jonna8617:07
  9. bubi19:43
  10. lotus19:58


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@spencersmom ~ Our dog Howie looks similar to these, but he is a mix of lab, Rottweiler, & Queensland blue heeler. If you look closer, the white stripe that runs between his ears is kinda crooked. We love that, & tease him about it, that 'his head isn't quite screwed on straight, LOL! My (know-it-all) Sis even argued with me, that "He MUST have some Border Collie in him, he looks so much like them." Anyway, they are gorgeous animals. Howie is in some of my puzzles, too, if you want to see what I mean. ~ Hugs n Smiles :) Gina, in Oregon, USA


spencersmom, I love this angle. They sure are focused.


Thanks, Bella. Those border collies watching sheep are so intense and involved. I can hear them "If I were there I would do ..."

Lovely puzzle spencersmom but more pieces than I have time to solve today.


I think you will like this. ♥♥♥

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