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Not the usual weather for New Mexico....but everyone needs a rainy day now and again.
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  1. Dclo1:20
  2. Bella10001:44
  3. Olya1:53
  4. babray1:53
  5. Cootje601:55
  6. Impie2:15
  7. Val92:16
  9. Pekaji2:21
  10. kabelka2:33


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Now, Becky - that's all Colorado, and I'm sure northern New Mexico Mountains. It's a whopping 37 degrees so well within our "snow" potential temps. We'll see. My daughter in Minneapolis is getting snow.... Hope you're warm and comfy!


Have you got snow Anne? We have about a foot, with drifts, and another round on the way Friday. I'm on my way out to warm up the snow shovel. :P Take care.


Yes, indeed, Betty. It's not been quite that extreme, but I can count the number of days on a single hand in 20 years that it's rained or been heavily cloudy ALL day and ALL night. Amazing. This type of weather would be the month of November in Wisconsin.

We went from 90 to 21 in about 36 hours! It has been crazy!


I figure our Fall will either be an 18 inch snow storm or 80 degree days on Dec. 1. That's been the type of weather this year.

We've already been down to about 20!!! This "FALL" is Stupid crazy! Not to mention the almanacs are ALL OVER the place!
Goodness knows what Real Winter will be like! :(((


ha, ha, ha, ha.....yes it needs a bit more wet though. The temperature this morning at 6 AM was 48 but at noon it's's gone the wrong way and snow is creeping down from Colorado and is in our closest neighboring city of Rio Rancho. I am NOT ready for this.


Aha, your own private swimming pool! ☺☺

Nice to see ... ☺☺☺

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