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Biking "Down Under"? :-)

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Thank you so much Pammi and Neville. She is a good thing happening to Frederik and Denmark :-))))))))))))))))


Sissel, I'm totally with Pammi on what she says. I admire Crown Princess Mary for "sticking" with her man, and having to give up Aussie citizenship (plus Passport) to cross the world and marry him. To have to learn a whole new language, and the lifestyle of people in Denmark also fills me with admiration for her... there would be very few women who would make all those sacrifices, though still remaining close to her own Tasmanian family.
I hope I live long enough to one day see her proclaimed Denmark's Queen. It is solely my opinion that she has already earned her place in Denmark's royal lineage, but I still think the story is 'unfinished'. ♥♥♥♥♥♥


Sissel, I absolutely adore your Crown Princess Mary. Whilst she gives 100% of herself to her adopted country she has never lost sight of her Australian heritage and I think the mixture of the two works wonderfully well. I had to laugh during her speech on the occasion of Frederick's recent milestone birthday when she cheekily said that he "still looks good in lycra". That's my girl!! ♥♥♥


There is a string somewhere PW :-)))) They will stick to that :-)))

It must be Msbonne. Thanks :-)))

You are strange "Down Under" Janet. Kiwi or Aussie - strange people. Like our dear Crownprincess Mary HUGS :-)))))))


Oh yes, this is how we do it down under! Ha Ha, I love the comments from Nev and Pammi (Aussies) and also from Val who is a Kiwi (that's someone from New Zealand.) Hugs Sissel. ♥♥


Looks like bike riding is back breaking were down there.


I have no idea how they keep from falling off the earth. lol


Thank you so much Pammi, Lonewolf, Valt, Neville and Jackie for your funny comments :-))))

love it sissel. hugs !!!!


Sissel, we never wear out bicycle tyres either! :-))) ♥♥♥♥♥♥


I like your style, Val. ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺


Walking is harder nothing to hang on to☺

this is too funny!!!!!!! LOL. thanks for the laugh. : ))


Sissel, nothing to it really. We learn this trick as soon as we learn to walk. Ha! Ha! ☺☺

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