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  1. stefke2:57
  2. Malibuqueen3:31
  3. DajaHapan3:32
  4. lindabaillie14:05
  5. grizzled4:13
  6. Arjan4:14
  7. susieQ524:22
  8. lisat4:36
  9. Kari19584:42
  10. fredf4:42


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Yes, I'm from that country...thank you for your very kind comment...Věrka***

I just looked at your profile. You're from the land of Navratilova and Alexander Dubcek, right? I have two photos of Dubcek from his days as leader. One shows him with other dignitaries standing in front of a Gothic church. In the next photo - the same one - he's not there. But if you look closely at the second one you see the upper part of a man's shoe, belonging to no one. The artist and his superiors tried to erase Dubcek but failed! In the second, after he was deposed and relegated to a minor job, you see him and others waiting for a bus to take them to work, everyone looking away from him and pretending they don't know him. The picture, from "Life" magazine, is entitled, "A Streetcar Named Disgrace." Dubcek may no longer be with us, but he's certainly not forgotten, not even to persons from the United States.


Děkuji Jirmičko...Pokoj v duši...


No vidíš a k nám léta do krmítka...Hezký pozdrav z hor...


Lesní strážce, musí být opatrná, o její pírka byl zájem.
Zdravím Věrko, měj klidný týden.


Děkuji za tuto krásnou fotografii. Bohužel tito ptáci se u nás už tak často nevidí. Moc vás zdravím z Hamburku!

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