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I was driving through the northeaster corner of New Mexico four falls ago. Shortly before I crossed the border into Texas, I spotted this Yellow-headed Blackbird. I normally see these birds only in the reeds and cattails of ponds and rivers. This one was out in the open on dry land with no pond in sight. This is a Juvenile male blackbird. The mature males are more striking because their head is bright yellow all the way around.
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  1. silke5:02
  2. christyp6:29
  3. IBAHKABYH6:46
  4. moyrita6:50
  5. harlaf6:54
  6. olando6:56
  7. mkwilcox7:07
  8. dialbreit7:22
  9. will59677:27
  10. jlcutright7:47


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I have never heard of this bird but he sure makes a handsome picture. :-)) Gorgeous bird, Terry, and fun puzzle. Great closeup too. THANK YOU for sharing it.


jignjw: thank you. I never even thought about this photo looking like a painting or drawing until you mentioned it. Terry

Terry, what a beautiful, creative use of your camera to make this photo that appears to be a delicate drawing or painting. I truly admire what you can do with your camera!!! Thank you for sharing this photo as a puzzle. Nancy

I read what you wrote about this photo....twice, just to make sure that you took a photo of a bird and not a photo of a painting! Seriously, this looks like it was painted!


theodoraj, thanks. Most of the time when I edit my photos, I mostly adjust the exposure. Most of the time I try to make the photos look like what I saw in person. If a photo is underexposed, I may need to add a little vibrancy to the photo to give it the color I saw when I took the photo. I don't crop the backgrounds but I try to shoot a subject such as a bird or a flower in a way that blurs the background and makes the background less distracting. Occasionally, when I get a distracting background I will place a vignette around the subject to cover the background items. I don't know if that is what you mean by cropping. I never "photoshop" items into my scene that were not there at the time. In the case of this photo, the entire scene was over-exposed. That fact helped wash at the background items making them less visible. I also shot the bird using a narrow depth of field and that helps eliminate the background. You can tell I used a narrow depth of field because those dried flowers in the left background were close to the bird but blurred due to the shallow depth of field. Hope this answers your question. Terry

your pictures are brilliantly you somehow crop the backgrounds?

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