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  1. denasdoubleu38:05
  2. marcyj38:52
  3. Yvona38:53
  4. falcon8440:47
  5. sneakerdave42:01
  6. turtlewyk42:29
  7. chve210745:50
  8. dontbugus47:00
  9. carloshernos47:23
  10. twinkly_tulip49:57


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Yes, I am too.

DB, I nearly had a funeral, lol. You sound very competent, so I won't worry about you getting it all back. :-D p.s. are you still using Flash for this site? I am and feel upset that it is going away.


Sorry for your loss of XP. No I am using my mouse from my computer. If I had the right connection I could also use my monitor. Plenty of youtube videos showing how to take apart just about everything, lol.

DB, You must need a stylus to move those tiny pieces! I don't think that I have it me lol! And I thought that I was the last holdout with Windows XP, but one day(not at all long ago, as in just over a month), it just froze up on me and I had to get a new PC with Windows 10 --- traumatic! Also, I can't believe that you are handy enough to even attempt a fix all by yourself. Go girl! JM


Yes the pieces are small but when I need my puzzle fix I am determined, lol.
I find I have to leave it and come back to it to finish a puzzle. My PC start button won't work, going to get inside and take it apart to see if I can fix it and if I can't I will have to take it to someone who can. It's my baby, I still run windows XP and I do a lot of work in photoshop.

Debodi, I don't honestly understand How you do it! The pieces are far too small for me. Did your PC go out on you? How do you move the pieces when they are so overlapped? Oh, and you're welcome!


I love it ! Having to use a laptop with smaller screen instead of pc making it a little more difficult. Thanks !

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