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Greyson: Enjoying his nap in one of his favourite boxes.

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Greyson will sit in my spot on the couch, but the look he gives me when I see him is "this is my spot"!

Greyson looks very similar to my cat Jackie. Jackie also likes pillows and chooses any spot where there is one. They are so cute, aren't they!!!


Another cat kicker is underneath. He never played with them, but enjoys them as pillows.

At least he's using his cat kicker as a pillow. Our cats quickly lost interest in theirs. If I can find it, I'll put it in one of their boxes. What's under Greyson's pillow to raise it up?


Thanks so much Greyson's mom - he certainly looks most comfortable and happy! Probably dreaming about the Catnip it contained. 😁


Hi jandchris. I think his "pillow" is called a cat kicker. Basically a tube shaped pillow thingy with material he can scratch, and when first bought, had some catnip in it.


"You can have the treats as long as I can have the box.'


How comfortable Greyson looks in his box - what is he using as a pillow?

So peaceful.




en papkasse er bare så god

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8 November 2016 - 25 November 2014
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