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An interesting map comparing country sizes.

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I came across this in the latest edition of Australian Geographic magazine.
The U.N. calculated - as of April 2015 - that the population of the USA was 325million - 3rd largest country, Japan - 126million - 10th largest,United Kingdom - 63million - 22nd largest and good old Australia - 23million is 52nd largest!

So - if you want some space to spread out - come to OZ!!!!

China and India fluctuate between 1st and 2nd most populous - at around 1.4 billion!!!

The site I visited is:
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Plenty of room to move, Cookie :-)


Canada is approximately 9,984,670 sq km.


This is an interesting post thanks Rob, and I don't think a lot of people realize just how big ( and empty) Australia is! I enjoyed all the comments too. Hugs my friend ♥


Wow! I didn't know that about Texas and WA Chrissie:))) I was also surprised to see the sizes of OZ and the US!! Thanks :)))

:))) Heidi:))) Thanks:))

Thanks Suzy:))))


Very interesting! Thank you, Robyn. Oz is looking good!


Oops! At least I know there are 50 of them LOL.


48 contiguous states. 50 states total.


And we can fit Texas into Western Australia 3.5 times... with a bit of room left over LOL.

Thanks, Rob - it's interesting how many US citizens have no clue that Oz is very nearly the same size as the 50 contiguous states. Whenever I meet a Texan I take delight in pointing out my state is nearly a million square miles big :-)


Thanks theeother - if you type in 'country size comparisons' to Google you can see lots there:))))

Sure Heidi - I understand!! This also didn't include some islands of Australia - and territories either, but just gives a general idea! Thanks :)))

Thanks Shirley:))

LOL! Me too Nev - thanks:)))

LOL!! I could sure use a bit today too chookie - our humidity is way up today:))) Thanks :))

It wasn't meant to include all those countries Woofer - just these 4 - and as I live Down Under I thought it was interesting as I thought the main land mass of the USA was much,much larger than Australia. We think of our country as a small one compared to lots of others! Thanks :))))


Some big countries missing,
Russian Federation 6,592,800 sq. Mi. (not including Crimea)
United States 3,805,927 sq. Mi. (includes Alaska and Hawaii)
China 3,600,927 sq. Mi.
Brazil 3,287,612 sq. Mi.


You've convinced me too, rob, although I could do with some of that snow that's falling 'up-over' :-)))


Rob, you've convinced me to stay right where I am. Thank you. :-))) ♥♥♥


Very interesting, Rob, Thanks for this.:)


I see that Alaska and Hawaii (49th and 50th states) haven't been added to the US. That would make the US a LOT bigger.


i wonder about things like this all the time
thank you for this map!


I guess you would be Lunie - and a rather crowded dot:)) Thanks:))

Glad you enjoyed this one Barb:)) Thanks :))

That's right BK - the majority of the population lives on or near the coast - especially in the southern states, and our state - Queensland. The centre and north Western Aus. is pretty sparsely settled - and DRY!! Thanks:)))


Yes Robin but a lot of your land mass is a bit too harsh to live in. Isn't most of your population along the coastal cities?


Interesting that the USA country is bigger than the whole continent of Australia....Wow! I love digging such facts up, so thank you Rob for doing it for me :)


Guess so...we could be the dot in there...hahaha.


Thanks Dave:)))) The population figures vary a bit too - depending where you look!!! This just gives you a good idea though:)))


I just checked Google, Robyn:

Australia-- 2,969,907 Sq. Mi
7,692,024 Sq. Km.

USA-- 3,119,885 Sq. Mi. (only counting within border shown)
8,080,464 Sq. Km.


I got a bit of a surprise when I saw the comparison with the USA Laura - I thought you were WAY bigger:))) Thanks:))

Thanks for commenting copsmith and suredreamsalot - it's nice to see you:))))

Thanks Lunie:)) After I saw this in the mag - I Googled 'maps' and found out that you can do it with any country you like!!!


so cleverly done...good post Rob!


Australia is a little bit bigger than I thought it was.

Thanks, very interesting


You guys are pretty big, too, Robyn! I love all your opens spaces!

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