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Cat shaming series

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Thanks, Midge. Good to hear from you and thanks for the update. :)

I almost peed myself. I could just picture it in my mind. TFP.. BTW: We foubd a lovely home for Fran and Ollie. A young couple who have rescued a few possoms before and returned them to their natural habitats. Feel lucky. They were a little too frisky for me. The old bones couldn;t keep up I get my other eye operated on the last of Nov. I;m babbling again!!!Be back again. Midge

Gee, Heidi, are you sure you liked this one? LOL


HAHAHahaha ha ha ha hee hee hee


Yes! -- Carol

And scouting out his territory. :)


No, just getting on the highest object to demonstrate my majesty and ownership of all. -- Carol

Practicing high dives?


Just another fun-filled day in the Elliot Household, huh?

P.S. I have to ask, what were you doing on top of the fridge in the first place???





Way too much information, Elliot! :)

It is a very visually humorous situation. :)


My "visual imagination" won't let me stop laughing.
Won't say you're blaming the victim, YO, but I agree cats don't belong on top of fridges.

Maybe Elliot should be taught not to get on the fridge. :)


I bet THAT was fun! -- Carol

Especially his "mom". :)


Not a good day for anybody at that house!!

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