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Might be Anguilla
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  1. Lo884:43
  2. Tamara3635:11
  3. sds6616:08
  4. l_bethoney6:29
  5. everglades6:34
  6. jmurray656:51
  7. jobo2mi7:13
  8. mlmccoy7:18
  9. Rasalmon7:19
  10. machemjo7:21


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I'm sorry about the sweets. I know you probably miss them. As for myself I am slowly cutting back. In summers I really mess up my diet. It's so hot, I stop cooking and rely on foods that I know isn't the best. I do eat a lot of those Healthy Choice microwave meals. But this weekend the weather might dip to 54 in the mornings. I will get outside early.

I'm tired of mean people. Everyone has bad moments, days, but you should not out of your way to hurt people. That's not right.


Gday TTwistedRosee. I've just read your blurb and I'm impressed. Like you I don't like racism, sexism, agism or general nastiness. I also like sweets, but don't indulge much since I was diagnosed with diabetes 2.


Hey there Riverland, thanks for stopping by:))


I agree. An awesome puzzle too.

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